Bargain hunting at the age of 9

We are blessed to have several thrift stores in our town.  They include Amvets, The Salvation Army and others.  I started introducing the idea of thift shopping to my daughter at a young age.  She quickly learned that she could get more clothes for my dollar than if we went to the mall.  ...more

It's Okay to Be the Mean Mom

My daughter defended and and brought the girl in to see me. It was very much like the scene from Godfather. She stood, I sat. She didn't do very much talking. I gave her the what for. Yes, I disciplined her. Why? Why not. I set rules and boundaries for my kid and I expect her friends to follow them. If they are broken, you will be spoken to about them. Apparently, this has given me the reputation as the "Mean Mom."...more
I guess I'm a mean mom too!more

Crabby Mommy Powers

Why is it that the only time the 9 year old does puts on her "big girl panties" and does what she should is when I have to be crabby?  Are there special powers I didn't know about?    When she was little, we called it "Mommy Voodoo".  She'd only fall asleep or calm down with me.    Now.. I ask 6,7,12 times for her to do something.  I put on the mean crabby voice and WHAM!!  things get done. does anyone else have this issue?  ...more

WAHM needs an assistant apparently

Everyday, I make breakfast for my kid. Nearly everyday (unless its Friday or dance days), I make dinner for the husband and kid.  Everyday, twice a day, I feed the cats.  Who is feeding me?  I really don't remember the last time I was surprised with breakfast or lunch.  Mother's day and my Birthday don't count as I clearly remember making my own coffee.  ...more

Pre-PRE-Teen attitude adjustments.....

My daughter is now 9.  She's somewhere in Limbo.  Not a baby or little kid but not quite that teenager.  She's not even a "tween".  These poor girls are not only exposed to behaviors on TV  that are too old for them, but its more prevalent on the playground too.Not to mention the simple fact their little bodies are developing faster and the clothes options are a bit.. short.  ...more

Just Say No

I, like most people I know, have a specific problem.  Its a hard thing to live with.  And every day I battle this problem.  NOT SAYING NO.Simple, you think?  No.  Its not.  Its hard to say no when someone asks for volunteers.  Its hard to say no when ask "can you do me a favor?".  Its hard to say no when someone looks at you with those big brown eyes and says "pleeeeeeaaassseee"....more