The First Carnival for Radical Action

Happy Memorial Day. Here are some links for your reading pleasure: two carnivals, and two blog posts criticizing mainstream media. The First Carnival for Radical Action is hot off the press at The Anti-Essentialist Conundrum. This carnival contains lots of strategizing about how to organize at the grassroots level. The May issue of The Erase Racism Carnival is hosted at The Angry Black Woman. Both hosts have done smashing jobs on these carnivals, so drop by and leave a comment if you appreciate their work. ...more

Ron Paul, S.E.X., and the 38th Carnival of Feminists

Nine Pearls writes a glowing review of a sex-ed book aimed at young adults, S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-To-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College. She enthuses, "[it] should be the textbook for every sex ed class in this country. It's that good." Take a look at the full review at her blog. ...more

More on Jessica Valenti's book, "Full Frontal Feminism"

A couple of weeks ago, I published a collection of bloggers' reviews of Jessica Valenti's book, Full Frontal Feminism. Well, the conversation has moved on a bit since then, with women of color (WOC) feminist bloggers offering their thoughts on Full Frontal Feminism. ...more

Yes, in a way this is great publicity strictly from a marketing point of view. It generates more ...more

Katie Couric, and the Los Angeles May Day Immigration Rally Incident

Laura at 11D asks, "What's Wrong With Katie?" and then proceeds to answer her own question. She's prompted by a NYT story which questions whether Katie Couric, the first female lead news anchor in prime-time, is the reason the ratings for the CBS Evening News have been lagging. ...more

Two new blog carnivals, both of them radical

There must be something in the air, at least for bloggers, because two new blog carnivals have sprung up. The Anti-Essentialist Conundrum announces The Carnival of Radical Action which is devoted to grassroots organizing: ...more

Bloggers protest Amazon, NYT, Rustlers

A bird and a bottle summarizes why a New York Times restaurant critic is accused of sexism. Incurable Hippie objects to a toy doll being sold on "Amazon Continues to Promote Normalisation of Sexual Violence." Background post here. ...more

No, I didn't catch that story, thanks for the info.


Bloggers Review Jessica Valenti's "Full Frontal Feminism"

Jessica Valenti's book, Full Frontal Feminism, has just been published. I'm not so interested in what professional reviewers are saying about it; I'm interested in what bloggers are saying about it. ...more

I'm not a feminist but I read it and tend to agree with the post at "Marginal Notes". This was ...more

Men in Heels - it's all for charity

Green LA Girl points to a photo essay in The LAist that documents the annual "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" men's march in Sherman Oaks. The event raised money for the local trauma center. According to the LAist, "the men marched Ventura Boulevard chanting 'stop rape now' and getting onlookers caught in the traffic to honk their horns." What a great way to get people's attention and raise money. The event now takes place in cities across the United States. ...more

Thanks for sharing the pic and this annual 'Walk a Mile in her Shoes' event, Melinda. Hadn't ...more

Porn Wars Part XII

Twisty Faster gives us a tantalising glimpse into her in-box with "Reader actually asks spinster aunt's opinion". It contains a reader's heartfelt plea for advice on negotiating online disagreements about pornography—or porn wars. The letter alone is worth a read, but then you have the baroque writing of Twisty encasing it like a tortilla from one of her beloved Austin tacos. ...more

While it's well and good to fight against oppression of the "sex class", it's important to note ...more

The Gender Genie and the Pay Gap: Feminist blogs

The Bipolar View writes an open letter to Eli Lilly: "Your product, Cymbalta, sucks ass and should not be promoted for human consumption. You know which product I'm referring to, don't you? The same drug that you're pushing off-label as an effective remedy for pain? You really shouldn't be doing that when you have no credible evidence to support your argument." ...more

Regender is cute. I became Elmer and my husband became Edna.