How to Connect With Sponsors at the #BlogHer16 Evening at the Expo

In the weeks leading up to our annual conference, people often ask others to name their favorite part of the BlogHer conference experience. Naturally there are many different answers (Voices of the Year, also known as VOTY, comes up a lot!), and to be completely honest, I am personally unable to choose only one favorite thing. But one activity that makes my list every year (in addition to VOTY!) is the Evening at the Expo. ...more

Discounts and Entertainment Before, During, and After #BlogHer16

If there's one thing I can write with absolute certainty, it's that our Events Team is going to keep you and your fellow #BlogHer16 attendees incredibly busy from morning until night. Have you checked out our agenda lately? ...more
I am so stoked!! Thanks...I definitely thought it was hashtag worthy more

#BlogHer16 Travel Tips? We've Got 'Em!

We are now inside the packing window for #BlogHer16. I repeat: We are now inside the packing window for #BlogHer16! My college-aged son was home this week for a visit, and while I was sad to see him go back to his summer campus job yesterday, it only took about ten minutes after he drove away for it to occur to me that his double bed will make a great staging area for my conference outfits and accessories. ...more
mommacan I just started putting my various cords in one little clear travel bag that fits in my ...more

How to Instagram Your Way Through #BlogHer16

The benefits of attending a BlogHer conference are many, but one of the very best is this: People "get" your social media obsession. Phones are in hand (or in faces) more often than not, and it's not unusual to nod understandingly when someone says, "Keep talking; I just need to post this picture before I forget my caption." ...more
BlogHer What camera are you all using in this photo?more

Fruitastic Salad 2.0

Knowing what you know about me regarding my control freak tendencies, it probably doesn’t surprise you that I am tremendously more comfortable following recipes to the letter than I am experimenting with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I’m certain that’s why I enjoy baking more than cooking elaborate meals that leave lots of room for improvisation. My sister, while definitely knowing what she wants, when and how she wants it, is more laid-back than I ....more

These Folks Can't Attend #BlogHer16: Want To Purchase Their Passes?

We’re only five weeks out from #BlogHer16, our annual conference being held August 4-6 in Los Angeles this year for the very first time! Our team is working hard behind the scenes, and our attendees are starting to think about outfits, shoes, business cards, sessions, the Expo, and meeting all the people....more
Still available?more

What To Wear (And Not To Wear!) To #BlogHer16

Every year in the weeks leading up to our conferences, attendees spend lots of time in preparation mode, deciding which sessions to attend, finding roommates, researching flights, and ... making wardrobe choices. Image: BlogHer...more
I have no flats, so I'ma just be me.more

Garage Sales. Don’t Get Me Started.

Garage sales. Sigh. I’m not a fan of attending them, and I’m not a fan of hosting them ....more

New Food Swap Book! (Get it.)

Local food swaps have become a thing. What are they? Well, they’re all a little different but the basic idea is that a bunch of people from one community come together to trade homegrown or homemade items ....more

Getting Musical With the Netflix #StreamTeam

I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and will be happily sharing monthly tips and stories about how my family uses Netflix on a regular basis. (Okay, that’s an understatement. I should say CONSTANTLY ....more