Grief Is a Jerk.

It’s been nine weeks, and depending on when you ask me I’ll tell you either it feels like forever ago or it feels like it was yesterday. Regardless of how it feels, it wasn’t yesterday. Yesterday I was dreading what I had to do today, spending an hour dicing apples into tiny pieces for the charoset I am taking with me to a Passover seder this afternoon ....more

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.

Today I’m participating in an old school Blog Hop, organized by my friend Nancy over at Midlife Mixtape. (Thanks for inviting me, Nancy!) The theme, as you may have guessed by reading my post title, is “Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.” Way (way) back in the summer of 1979, my family was preparing to move away from the Chicago area for the very first time. My dad was hired to manage a Holiday Inn outside of Ft ....more

All About Our #BlogHerFood16 Neighborhood

Last week I told you a little bit about the host hotel for October's #BlogHerFood16 conference, the Hilton Austin. This week I want to tell you about the neighborhood outside those hotel doors!...more

Childhood, Revisited

When I was a kid my family lived in Park Forest, one of Chicago’s south suburbs. We occupied one half of a duplex in a neighborhood that was quintessentially 1970’s, with mostly stay-at-home moms and mostly dads that left for work every day and mostly kids that goofed off outside in everybody’s yards until they got called in at dinnertime. It was a happy childhood for me and I wrote about it three years ago ....more

In April, #StreamTeam Says Helloooo Kimmy! (And Helloooo Nurse!)

I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and will be happily sharing monthly tips and stories about how my family uses Netflix on a regular basis. (Okay, that’s an understatement. I should say CONSTANTLY ....more

Spring Cleaning

Back when the boys were younger, spring cleaning happened in all four seasons. Rather, it was attempted in all four seasons. As a young family we were constantly bringing stuff (and more stuff) into the house, whether we purchased it or it was given as gifts or hand-me-downs ....more

Book Your Hotel Room NOW for #BlogHerFood16!

Two weeks ago, our Events and Social Media teams gathered in Austin, Texas to scout the host site for #BlogHerFood16. We'd been there for BlogHer Food '13, but it's always great being on-site together, brainstorming as a team and plotting out where all the magic will specifically happen this year....more

Oh, Nothing.

I’m good at quite a few things, like accomplishing tasks like a madwoman. I’m terrible at quite a few things too, like doing nothing at all. To me, a Type A Control Freak Perfectionist Workaholic, the idea of doing nothing seems horrifying, dreamlike, and extremely unattainable in equal parts ....more

That Voodoo That You Do (or, Big Bucket of Donuts)

I’m currently in Austin, Texas for work (we’re here to do a site visit for #BlogHerFood16, which happens in October and have you registered yet because Earlybird pricing ends 3/31!). It’s a whirlwind trip and sadly, I had to tell several friends and two relatives that I just couldn’t make any plans to meet up this time (argghhhhh). Liz and Brandi (my social media team partner, or PARDNER as they say in Texas…don’t they?) and I arrived at the Austin airport within minutes of each other, which was a pretty cool thing considering we were coming from New Jersey, California, and Illinois ....more

Here's Why You Need To Attend #BlogHerFood16

We're planning a fabulous experience for you at #BlogHerFood16 and we can't wait to see you! If you haven't bought your ticket yet, now is the time to do it. There are so many reasons to join us in Austin this year - let me share a few of them with you now....more