How to Get a Happier Marriage: On Selfishness

I always said  I could never imagine why, or more aptly, how it was that people sustained a marriage in the absence of children. In my personal experience, I don’t think I ever would’ve gotten married had I not planned on having kids. And in all honesty, I believe that having my children and desperately wanting to give them a foundation which includes a two parent home has, for better or worse, cemented my visceral attitude when it comes to preventing the dissolution of my marriage. ...more
My husband is my priority and I believe that he is mine. Our main focus is on each other. We ...more

Trying to Make a Baby? Try Giving Sex as a Gift

If you are in the throes of trying to make a baby, or more aptly put -- knee-deep in obligatory baby making sex, you are not alone. Six years ago, despite throwing my legs over my head for 45 minutes to help my guy’s swimmers get to where they needed to be, like millions of women I too embarked on the long, often harrowing, road of infertility and trying to make sense of what seemed nonsensical. My inability to conceive a child, which I believed was supposed to be one of the most natural parts of being a woman, had me feeling robbed of the very essence of my womanhood. ...more
I love this post!  Making sex at least once during your fertile time each month "Gourmet Sex", ...more