Looking for Guest Bloggers for Handmade Site

Crave Handmade is looking for knowledgeable, handmade bloggers that are interested in being guest writers. Topics include: tutorials, favorite handmade items and artisans, artisans tips, business tips and more. If you have a passion for handmade and would like to write for us, please contact Melissa@CraveHandmade.comMelissa GrayCrave Handmade...more

The Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

The Handmade Holiday Gift Guide features handmade products and will be available free online as an electronic catalog for Christmas shoppers. You can have your holiday items seen by thousands of potential customers. The gift guide will be made available October 15th, 2012.Rates:300 x 300 pixels - $5.00½ page - three 200x200 pictures recommended.Full page - $20.00 – this can include your logo also.  Six 200x200 pictures are recommended....more