Why you are NOT a 'Christian' witch

I'm not saying you're not a witch, I'm saying you're not a Christian witch. ...more

The supernatural in the news

Alternative title: Wake up and start helping people, Church!Life is weird... and sometimes what was previously cast in the light of fantasy; multiple movies about demon possession of people and houses, makes it to news headlines and needs to be addressed from a serious news angle. Case in point. ...more

Time to wash the dishes

Like many of my friends, I have explored house cleaning/home making sites. All I walked away with was a deluge of emails and a very shiny sink....more

Vinita Hegwood is not my enemy

She may be angry, bitter, and she is using her words to hurt, but she is not MY enemy. I do not know this woman. She does not know me. We each have our own perceptions of the other person's race based on what we see and hear on the media. Based on our own personal filters, but those opinions are not based in personal experience with one another. How can I hate someone I have never met? How can I be a Christian and hate her or want her fired for what she has said....more
i can be forgiving, but i don't want someone who expresses those opinions to be teaching my ...more

Preparing for Advent

Do traditional ceremonies have a place in modern Christianity?I'm not trying to edge out Thanskgiving. Advent begins on November 30th. If I wait until then to write about Advent, you will not have time to prepare....more

End the hate on college campuses

There is a growing problem in our nation on college campuses, the vilification of Jews. Any student who acts out against another because of their race or religion should immediately be kicked out of college and barred from receiving an education in the US from any university or institute for higher education. Why so harsh? ...more

Considerate food donations for food banks

'Tis the season for food bank donations. In reality, people are hungry and in need all year long. Here is a guide I hope you will find helpful when it comes time for you to make grocery purchases for the needy.  ...more

It's not gluten free but you still need to read this

 First of all, I want to assure you that this is not a plug for Jovial's Einkorn wheat berries. I am not receiving any monetary compensation for writing about this product. I just have to tell my fellow gluten sufferers about it so that you can hopefully find some relief and return to some semblance of normalcy with your cooking, baking, and eating. ...more

The art of contentment

'I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.'  - ...more