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Why My Kids Don't Do Chores

Confessions of a Mean Girl

Hi again, Melissa! I've never seen the movie, so I guess I should finally rent it and see it. I ...more

I am Not Green Mommy

Easy Queso

I followed the link, Melissa, read your recipe, loved it...and left a comment.   By the way, ...more

Summer Style

Nice! Gotta like the shoes here.   :)   ~Virginiamore

Best Ever Queso

Alright, this sounds easy-enough, simple, and should be delicious. Thank you for sharing, ...more

Babies and Boob Jobs: When Breastfeeding After Implants Doesn't Work Right

There is a common myth that you can’t nurse with implants; this isn’t true. When done properly and with minimal damage, breastfeeding after a boob job should not be a problem. For me it was. I tried to nurse Luciano. I had recently had my first set of implants removed and it was excruciating. I tried for a few weeks but I gave up pretty quickly. With Serendipity, I was adamant that I wasn’t going there again. There was no way I would put myself through such a horrible experience a second time. I was harassed guided by nurses and well-meaning family members for days. Three days after she was born, I finally decided to give it a try. It was just as horrible as I remembered and it only lasted a few weeks....more
I am 55 years old, so I am no longer of the child-bearing years, but I think this is a wonderful ...more

I Don't Understand Coupons

I see your point - but I think for some people it's more of necessity.  Those extra few dollars ...more