The Haircut: A Dramatic Production

"To cut my hair, or not to cut my hair. That is the question," Madison said. Rather than follow the obvious thread about haircuts, I asked her which of Shakespeare's plays the "to be or not to be" quote came from. She answered correctly and then I quizzed her on what she knew about Hamlet's soliloquy. She was in no mood for a lesson."English Schminglish. Mom, MY HAIR. I'm thinking of getting bangs."...more

If I liked it then I should have put a crown on it.

I had a root canal and never followed up to get the crown. If it was the kind of crown that came with a throne and scepter and royal authority then I would have been all over that. But noooo, it was a really expensive crown that people would never see and they wouldn't even know to address me as Your Majesty....more

We accidentally made our son eat lip gloss.

We took the kids to Party City to buy balloons. In case you don't have one of these mega stores near you, it's just as the name implies: a veritable city's worth of everything you need to throw a party.And there is candy. Bins and bins of sweets strategically placed at kid-grabbing height....more