Identity Crisis, Interrupted, and a Giveaway.

I'm having a blog identity crisis.I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't had much to talk about in months and months. Which is not like me, historically, because this blog has always been free, fun therapy for me, and when I can write a post that makes people laugh, that's always been the BEST. Oh, I churn out a post now and then just to keep my ads active, but my heart has not been here ....more

Thinking About Trying Plexus? Sale Ends Today!

If you've been thinking about trying Plexus Slim, today is a great day to jump in! I've never known of Plexus to offer a coupon code, so today you have the rare chance to get the products at a discount. And with the 60 day money back guarantee, there is literally no risk! ...more


So lately I've been feeling the weight of some stressful stuff. I won't bore you with the details, but I've been worrying way too much lately about something over which I have no control... Not sleeping well.. ....more

The Big Blank Living Room Gets a New Paint Color.

So you know by now that we're neck-deep in another home project. And if you DIDN'T know, you should probably read about all the Lifetime Network-level drama and intrigue here before you go any further, because it's just plain entertaining.This one has been painfully slow-going. With my last house (and the one before that) I KNEW the look I wanted (1930s cottage charm) ....more

Does Plexus Slim Work With Trim Healthy Mama?

I get emails from my blog readers at least weekly asking this question, and the short answer is ABSOLUTELY, IT DOES.And the other question I get from Trim Healthy Mamas is, "I see you're doing Plexus now. Are you still doing Trim Healthy Mama?" And the answer to that one is a little more complicated....more

Two-Year-Old in the House.

I can't believe it, but our baby is TWO. Seriously. How is that possible? ...more

A Brain Tumor Update.

I'm having one of those days, y'all... one of those days when I'm fine one minute, and then I'm collapsing in a puddle of tears because ALL the emotions are going on over here today. WHY I even put on makeup today is beyond me ....more

Yesterday in Florida...

Yesterday was the most incredibly wonderful day of this whole road trip. The biggest reason why was because it was the most spontaneous non-agenda day of the past week. We've pretty much not had an agenda this whole trip, other than during the Plexus Leaders Retreat where we had several activities mapped out for us, and it's been fun just striking out each day without so much as a hotel reservation ....more

Seven Qualities of a Good Travel Companion.

In case you didn't know, Michael and I have been on vacation the past few days. I had earned a trip to the Plexus Leaders Retreat AND tickets to Disney AND Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, courtesy of my amazing job as a Plexus Ambassador. We decided to make it a road trip to Orlando and back since we'd never taken a vacation together before, and also to stretch our 3-day trip into a whole week of fun and togetherness ....more

Honeymoon Road Trip, Day One.

We had the most wonderful day ever yesterday. Everything was perfect, from the weather to the food to finding front row parking places every single place we went, as if we were God's favorite children and He made all the paths straight just for us. You know, I've always heard that you should always take a vacation with your spouse every year whether you can afford it or not, and after day one of this trip I'd say I wholeheartedly support that idea ....more