A New School Year.

One eighth grader. One fourth grader. And one chocolate – covered rugrat in Doc McStuffins pajamas who gets to hang with me for a couple more weeks until her ‘school’ starts! ...more

{Nerium} A Review and Giveaway.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am an old lady. It happened long before age 40; I would choose my couch, a blanket, and pajama pants over a party any day. Concerts? ...more

Summer, Just Die Already. DIE.

I know I’ve been one of those annoying moms and I’m sorry. I’m the one who says stuff like, “Ohhhh I can’t WAIT for summer to get here so my kids can be at home! We’re gonna make crafts, cuddle, braid each others’ hair, and have pillow fights and QUALITY TIME ALL SUMMER because I LOVE having my kids at home!” Yep ....more


Tony Evans is one my verrrrrrry favorites. His Facebook posts are a bright spot in a virtual world that has gotten so depressing these days (It’s an election year, so there’s that, and we have one clown after another piling out of the clown car to run for president, and we have to choose from among them to be the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD? And of course, Cecil the Lion ....more

When Weight Loss is Too Slow.

Remember the good old days back in college when you could just work out one extra time to lose five pounds and fit into your Rocky Mountain jeans by the weekend? All the while going to Whataburger at midnight and sharing whole boxes of Little Debbies with your roommate? Yeah ....more

Finishing the Kitchen.

I’ve never been a fan of the whole ‘start with one project and work on it until it’s done’ style of productivity. No, I’m way too ADHD and Type 1, and sticking with ONE THING until it’s done is so incredibly boring when you can just flit on over to Sherwin-Williams all tra-la-la and pick out a NEW paint color for some other room… My best friend (and college roommate) knows this about me on account of how I was this exact same way in college, and at each house I’ve worked on, she comes to visit and reprimands me: OH MY GOSH YOU NEED TO FINISH ONE ROOM BEFORE YOU START ANOTHER. JUST GET ONE ROOM FINISHED ....more

Potty Training a Con Artist.

For those of you who look at my gorgeous, smart, happy, healthy, well-adjusted, well-behaved children and think, ‘This lady has the parenting thing down. Look how perfect (and gorgeous and smart) her children are!’, I have news that’s going to disappoint you terribly: I’m a failure at potty training. This is my third one, and it has NOT GOTTEN EASIER ....more

Saturday at Our House.

On Saturdays, Susie is Michael’s baby. Mud. Batman shirt ....more

Follow Me on Bloglovin’!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The post Follow Me on Bloglovin’! appeared first on Blue House Blog ....more

8 Easy Steps to More Bacon.

This morning, as I was innocently perusing Facebook, I happened across a link to an article that made me want to run away screaming. My neck tensed up. My heart raced. It was awful. ...more
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