Bear-y nice to see you...

...except, Please Leave My Backyard. You're big and scary.Here's the bear coming down the mountain behind my house in Vallecito, Colorado....more

On Body Image

So, I skipped a day. I thought it would be easier to tell you what I was listening to on my iPod versus telling how how I feel about my body. And after reading what my last meal would be, well, who wants to talk about body image after all that?...more

Ava Snow

I most recently had the honor of photographing and welcoming to our valley, Miss Ava Snow. You guys, holding her was so magical. Babies are so magical, indeed. She was just a tiny human sitting in my arms curled up like her mother, Melanie loves her, a little koala bear look-alike....more

On What I'm Proud Of, see also, ME

First and foremost, I am proud of myself....more

Somethings I've Learned.

What is something I've learned?...more

A letter to my 10-year old self.

My niece turned 10 this weekend. T-E-N. That means, my son is next. His cousin, Amanda and him are six months apart. I was pregnant when we got word my sister finally gave birth to her beautiful 5 lb. baby girl. She was so tiny, so fragile. I was in shock that a human being could be so small and that soon I would be having a tiny human of my own. Over the years, Amanda has grown into a beautiful young lady, so smart, so grown up, so tall. She has a powerful smile,the best giggle, a great sense of humor and a caring, nurturing way about her. She is the best niece ever!...more