Hello, My name is MeL and I'm a shopaholic...

I am addicted to web-window-shopping, and I constantly find things I want/have/had that I think "GRF! I wish I had someone to tell about this!" but really, my girlfriends are really not excited for me to call them in the middle of Oprah to inform them "I just found THE most irresistable pair of boots and won't you please log on and "Squee!" over them with me?" ...more

Hi there, i just launched a very exciting new jewelry website showcasing some of my work.
Let ...more

Just a little fish in a formidable pond...

I stumbled into the BlogHer-sphere the same way most things in my life have happened -- by complete accident and with very little grace. I feel like the new kid at a big school. So, taking a deep, cleansing breath and counting to three... Here is the reader's digest version of my introduction. ...more

I have been officially earwormed, and will fall asleep, I'm sure, humming that tune. :) Totally ...more