Earthy Poochanimal


Earthy Camping

  Tis the season to be camping.  I know in our area temperatures are reaching 110 and the only way to escape it is to retreat to the mountains or the coast.  Since rooms can be pricey on a whim try the next best thing "Camping"  I know that there are bugs and critters as well as toilets far to far away after your morning coffee.  But camping can still be enjoyable when you prepare properly and take into consideration that we don't ...more

Just PEachy

  So where we live here in Davis, CA we have this quaint little family run farm/orchard called Impossible Acres.  Like I am sure most of you have, but if you haven't yet you really must explore it.  It is that pick your own and pay deal, and our little family is in love with it.  We started our love affair with the place last summer and we couldn't wait to get out there again this year!  Our first pickings were all Olalliebe...more

Earthy Potty Training

We all have our own ways of doing things as a parent.  All famileis and all children are different.  What works for one family may fall very short for the next!  What happened to work for me both times with my girls in the case of pottty traing was just letting them fly free.  As in go diaperless when it was convenient for me from a very young age.  And all though I have had much potty to clean up along the way, I feel that them seeing the cause and effect of urninating on the floor really does make some kind of a connection for them!...more

Vegan Earl Grey Ice Cream

I have been known to drink some tea!  I have 2 absolute faves chai, and earl  grey those 2 can do no wrong in my book!  So when last summer I saw recipes for earl grey ice cream I naturally thought sign me up!  Well, turns out the recipes that I was viewing were all heavy on the heavy cream and eggs!  Since that is not going to fly in our household I have been trying since last summer to finally make earl grey ice cream a la vegan!  After several failures I can finally report I have done it gang!...more

Sweet potato pies


Sprouting at home

 I know how often I have to kick down the name Anna when I am talking about my fun adventures, but can't help it, I learn a ton from her. Anna is such a great lady, mother, friend, and citizen to mother nature, so credit is given where due!!   ...more

Viva Das Blackberries


Find a different way to decorate!!! Latex balloons are dangerous!

When balloons fragment, and a piece is aspirated into the airway, the Heimlich maneuver is generally ineffective. The balloon, when placed over the airway, acts like a diaphragm and moves up and down with air movement, and generally fails to dislodge in position....more