RePurposing-A Couple of our Latest Projects

On my husband's way to work one day he came upon this church that had some pews sitting on the front lawn. They had a sign that they were free, so Tim stopped to see what was up. The church was re-doing the upper balconey so they removed the long pews but in order to remove them they had to cut them in half (or as close to half as they could get). Tim called me up and told me about the pews, so I drove out there to load them up. The two men working at the church helped me to load them up. They were very heavy and awkward to handle....more

Life Changes

I have been through many "life changes" in my life. I grew up in Brookly, New York and lived in the same apartment until I moved away from home. Ever since that time I have moved numerous times. When I moved away from home I went to Florida, talk about a life change. I lived there for a couple of years before meeting my future ex husband. After meeting him I made the move to Indiana in 1979. The first town I lived in was Kokomo then to several other cities since and now I have come full circle and am back in Kokomo once again....more