The Lame Blame Shame Game

I posted this Wednesday (below in italics along with image of butterflies) this week on my Facebook page. I am trying to be braver and more honest by allowing my true voice to emerge.  It has emerged -- always been there -- I just have not allowed myself to share the voice openly.  I like to write live so social media and blogging really works for me....more

Tiger Lillies Usher in July's Heat and Passion and Usher Out a Misfit Chorus of Inner Critics

And just like that -- the tiger lilies bloom -- ushering in July's heat and passion....more

The Teacher, the UK, and the Donation

Check out my fundraiser. Click here for my GoFundMe page. I am trying to raise funds to help buy my airline ticket to England for a summer study abroad fellowship I was selected for....more

#MyMomMonday #mmm: Let's Start a Thing!

Let's celebrate our moms on Monday. If you would like to join me in a celebration of your mother, create a collage to honor her and/or remember her and add hashtag #mymommonday and/or #mmm. It can be similar to #tbt or #throwbackthursday.I created this collage in my writing and technology integration class....more

A Tribute to My Father

A Tribute to my Father *** Note to readers: this started as a Facebook status update and I decided to post it here.    Missing this Irish man today....more

Let the Light In -- Dog Sh*t Happens

Window Light "Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher." - Williams Wordsworth...more

Let the Light In -- Dog Sh*t Happens

 Window Light ...more

Home for the Holidays

One of the many things my mother did to make the holidays so wonderful was to create her "Christmas Scent" on the stove: simmer water, add orange peels and whole cloves. Delicious. Betty always rocked the holidays....more

On the Island: 7 Figure Book Deal for Tracey Garvis-Graves (You Go Girl)

Who has read On the Island by Tracy Garvis-Graves? It's hard to believe this book was a free e-book on Amazon at one point....more


I saw this photo on Facebook today.  And that made me think of ee cummings' poem, "I Carry Your Heart With Me."  It really is powerful when you believe in your dreams and weed out negativity.  I have been working on this.  And I have also been praying about it....more