My own Rembrandts-in-training

It’s not every day that my six-year-old comes home with her own rendition of American Gothic.“Mom, do you think they were married to each other?” Lily asked me, clearly about to burst with excitement at the chance to demonstrate her background knowledge of this famous piece of art. “Yes, maybe they were – it looks like they’re a married couple, doesn’t it?” I replied....more
I love this! And their artwork.more

Hotel in Ottawa is miles from mundane

Whether she admits it or not, it’s what every woman wants…especially on Valentine’s Day.It doesn’t have to cost a lot or pack a ton of calories (although diamonds and chocolate are always a nice added touch!). To me, the ultimate gift – especially in the midst of a long, cold winter – is to be whisked away from the mundane; taken away to a place where the constant stream of dishes, laundry and housework ceases to exist....more

Our living miracle

It’s been almost 10 years since that fateful day…the day my husband, Ian and I learned that our entrance into parenthood was not to be an easy one....more

The shrieking shrew sends her love

Valentine’s Day seems to have gotten a lot more complicated since having kids.Tonight, at approximately 6:33 p.m., I was at my neighbourhood drugstore - along with 86 other last-minute Valentine shoppers – perusing the boxes of kids’ cards (you know, the kind you buy in a pack of 30). I was picking up some little cards for the boys in my six-year-old daughter’s class, because the two packages that I’d bought from Wal-Mart earlier in the day were deemed “too girly.”...more

Turn your face to the sun...

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.~Charlotte

A little slice of Canadiana

Canadians often brag about being able to not only withstand the cold, but embrace it.On frosty winter mornings, while scraping the four-inch, icy coating off their windshields, neighbours can be heard making cheery quips like, “Cold enough for ya?” or, “That’s quite the dump of snow we got last night, eh?”...more

Snacking out of the (Super) bowl

In retrospect, it must have been my husband’s biggest nightmare.On what is arguably the most sacred, manly-man event of the year – the Superbowl – the scene, as seen through his eyes, would have looked something like this:...more

Half-baked peach pie

*Spoiler alert: This post makes specific references to the plot of Labor Day, so if you’re thinking of seeing it, don’t say I didn’t warn you!*Last night, as I headed to an advance screening of Labor Day, I was reflecting that it had been ages since I’ve seen a movie targeted at my own age group....more
Karen Ballum I don't think my expectations were particularly high for this one, either - I was ...more

January blues & flus

So it would seem that I definitely didn’t miss my calling as a nurse....more


Nothing motivates the creation of a poorly-made craft like the prospect of a good night’s sleep.It’s 8:07 p.m., and my kids are eating a bedtime snack. The conversation goes something like this:MOMMY: You have to stay in your own bed tonight, Lily. Daddy is pretty sick with a cold and we can’t have you coming in our bed again.LILY: Well, can you at least put a sleeping bag down on the floor??!?...more