Glad to be a new member!

Hello BlogHer-sphere!  After seeing the BlogHer button on many of the blogs that I enjoy, I figured I'd click and see what was happening.  And  here I am.  All signed up, ready to go, and slightly overwhelmed with everything this site has to offer.  I'm running down the "Using this Site" list, so that helps!...more

That Can HAPPEN?

Or, the ways my doula scared the shit out of me.   Ok, that's an exaggeration.  She didn't scare me.  But there were several things that I didn't even know should be considerations  in the birthing process that made me go, "WHAT? That can HAPPEN?"  And, I warn you now, not everything here is pretty.  And, I'm not very technical here, so if you want more specific information, ask your doctor.  Or Google it.  Because everything on the Internet is correct....more

Thanks for letting me know that about the catheter!  You and few other people have said ...more

Ow, Today Hurts "We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." -E.M. Forster...more

I've Been Working on the Nur-sery! (Part 1)

And so it is official - the nursery decorating is in progress!  The plan is this: my super handy dad is going to install white wainscoting around the lower half of the walls.  The upper half will be stripes that are 6" pale pink and 12" a nice, calming green.  I know, nothing that hasn't been done before, but I'm excited.  ...more