Dream With the Facts

Sure. Everyone has goals. Big ones, little ones, skinny ones, tall ones. I think we can all agree that goals are important. Goals help keep us focused, motivated and inspired. But I am going to be so bold as to say that HOW you set goals is more important than the actual goals. The company I work for is extremely goal oriented. I have the pleasure of being able to set goals with my team each month. I love doing this for many reasons: ...more

Sweat Once a Day

Me+: I have to say that I am not blogging as much as I thought I would on my week off. Today is an absolutely gorgeous day. It rained like crazy yesterday and the humidity is gone from the air. It's sunny and not too hot and just a great day to get outside....more

Hydrated Fishies

Me+: Just a quick check in. I have a workout post hopefully coming later today or tomorrow. Kyle and I just took a week off from our training and I have done a decent job of staying active over the last week. Did I mention that I cook/eat fish now? For those of you that know me, know that for a long time I didn't eat any meat. At all. Look at me now! ...more

Fitness Family Values

Me+: In 2007 to 2009, the prevalence of obesity in Canada was 24.1% (source: www.statcan.gc.ca)....more

Just a Regular Day

Thursday June 14th: ...more

I failed

Workout: Tuesday June 12th at 7:30am My Trainer: After a “scheduling conflict” yesterday, Tara and I had our only workout today until she returns to London on June 20th.  ...more

Eat Less. Do More.

Workout: Saturday June 2nd at 10:00am Me+: 1st Round glute/ham raise with 25 lbs plate 8 reps 2nd Round glute/ham raise with 25 lbs plate 8 reps...more

Our Favourite Things...

Happy Thursday! Have you guys ever heard of Oprah Winfrey? You might vaguely remember her show. She used to do episodes called "Oprah's Favourite Things". Guess what? We have favourite things too. This was actually pretty fun to do. I have a feeling that mine will change every week. I love everything. But for now here are mine: Me+: ...more

The Nature Walk

Me+ Having a dog makes you go outside more than not having a dog. It's that simple. I have worked with Kyle on Monday and Tuesday already. Now it is Wednesday. It's so gorgeous outside, no humidity, lots of sun and a cool breeze. I decide to crush a walk with the dog. ...more

I forgot it

Workout Date: Wednesday May 25 @ 7:15am (this is a blog post from last week that we haven't posted yet). Me+:...more