Too Old to be an Athlete?

I've always been jealous of athletic people. I didn't play sports growing up, mostly because I'm uncoordinated. And I don't participate in group physical activity (team sports, yoga classes, etc.) because I always feel awkward, out-of-shape and embarrassed. But I'm envious of people have a knack for sports, have coaches who train them and own cool sports equipment that they know how to use and I can just look at. They seem to have a lock on a piece of life that is rewarding and unique. I'm the outsider looking in....more

Wow! From walking to running a 1/2 marathon? That's awesome! Good luck and happy running!more

Gettin' Chippy at the Pact

Things are getting a little chippy at my blog, Ice Pact. What I thought was a fairly random post sparked a little fun debate. I jokingly said I had failed as a hockey mom. Apparently I also failed as a figure skating mom. Wonder how this will end... ...more

Conflicting Thoughts about Menu Labeling

I always thought I wanted calories listed on menu labels. After this weekend, I'm not so sure. The Kid had his final t-ball game of the season yesterday and afterward we went to a favorite post-game lunch spot, the Silver Diner. Burgers, fries, milkshakes and...calories listed on the menu. Talk about a buzz kill. I ignored the huge number of calories next to the pesto, red pepper and turkey sliders. But I remembered it later and skated extra hard that afternoon....more

Rookie Year II

I can't believe I registered at BlogHer a year and a half ago and haven't done anything here. Ever. I started my blog about a year and a half ago and through my job I knew about BlogHer. So I just had to register. Take advantage of the great resources and information. "Meet" great writers. Have fun. Yeah, didn't do any of it. It was partially the old format. It didn't feel "comfortable." And I'm not at all a techie, so navigating forms and tags and blah, blah, blah...I decided with BlogHer, I'd gotten in way over my head. ...more