10 Foods For Pumpkin Lovers

Tis the season for something pumpkin! We love pumpkin flavored foods around here. When fall comes around we look for our old favorites and even get excited when we see something new hit the store shelves.We want to share with you a review of some of the pumpkin items that we've had recently....more

Running Like a Girl ( A Must Read for Female Runners)

Last Thursday I received a package from Simon & Shuster book publishers. I excitedly opened it to see what it was. Inside, I found a complimentary copy of Running Like a Girl : notes on learning how to run by Alexandra Heminsley....more

Things to Know About Disney's Sci Fi Dine in Resaurant

One of the restaurants we most often visit while in Hollywood Studios has got to be The Sci Fi Dine In!  I think it’s the fun atmosphere that keeps drawing us back in. Sometimes we make ADR’s ( Advanced Dining Reservations) for this place and other times we’ve been lucky enough to just go right in without a reservation....more

A Visit to the Runner's World Headquarters!

  Last Friday we had the opportunity to tour the Runner's World headquarters in Emmaus, PA.  As soon as we walked in the building we were in AAAW! The inside of the building is so bright and inviting and the staff was so friendly. In order to keep this post a reasonable length, I'm going to just touch on some fun/interesting facts from the visit! ...more

Never Underestimate The Power Of Being A Spectator At A Run Disney Race

If you want to be a spectator at a Run Disney event, you need to get up very early ( but I promise you it is worth it)  I wanted to watch my sister complete the Disney Princess half Marathon, so I had to get up by  3:30 am. I grabbed my “designer” sign that I made for my sister  Lacey and we all  headed for the “event” bus at our resort....more

This weekend's Miss America Pagaent and Festivities: Something every girl should experience!

This year the Miss America pageant is back in Atlantic City again!  I can’t help but wonder if they brought it back to the Coast in an effort to help boost the economy since hurricane Sandy’s visit last fall.   ( I wondered if that is the same reason that the Super Bowl will be held in NJ/NY this year)...more

Welcome to Nashville: Is that Taylor Swift?

                                               My sister isn’t the only one who has toured a city that was home to a popular TV series!...more

How to celebrate your dog's Birthday!

Our Yellow Labrador Belle had a birthday this week. She is now 6! Our family is crazy about our dogs, so of course we had to let her celebrate!How do you celebrate a dog's birthday?  I'm so glad you asked.......1. Take her to her favorite Theme Park...more