His name is Just

Our pick up schedule in the afternoons is a source of frustration. I pick up Baby Plum at 2:30. Little Elvis doesn't get out until 3:10 ....more

Weekend away

We spent part of the weekend at my parents' cabin with my dad and grandmother. Cheese Puff spent Thursday night with them for his first overnight. He had a blast, and slept with Granny ....more

Luggage for a vuh-CAY-shun

While cleaning out Bob's office last week, I found a black briefcase. He doesn't use it, and I thought it might work well as a prop if Little Elvis comes up with a spy movie. Little Elvis wasn't impressed ....more

Connect 4 with Cheese Puff

We're getting used to our new routines around here. Cheese Puff seems to love school, and also seems to enjoy having the run of the house on the mornings when he doesn't have to go to school. He mainly wants to watch TV, and we're battling that right now ....more

Cat birthdays and toothbrush sleeping buddies

Bob and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on Sunday....more

My baby's officially a "big" boy!

Cheese Puff went to pre-school this morning! He fussed about the red shirt I had picked out, so we settled on a white one. He fussed about his sneakers as well, so I put on his new pair of tennis shoes that are just a little too big ....more

Old McDonald's Farm teems with oddities

Cheese Puff likes a good night song. He doesn't necessarily want a lullaby, but he wants some music to send him off to sleep. For the longest time, I could do "Twinkle, Twinkle" or "You are my sunshine." But here recently, he's wanted a different song every night ....more

First pictures with new camera

This is the first picture I took with our new camera once it arrived. I think it does really well. It should get more detail than our old one ....more

School is back in session!

School started back this week! Little Elvis is going all week. Baby Plum goes one day this week, and then starts full time next week ....more

Jet-setting big boys

I've been quiet this week. Why? My two big boys haven't been here ....more