overwhelm apropos of nothing

Nothing basically wrong, but the clutter of life just gets messy sometimes for no good reason. The thought of spring cleaning my wardrobe, boxes o'papers, stuff, misc. is all too much. But how to move forward otherwise?...more

Mergrrl does a mean hula...

Testing, testing...maybe I finally got this linky thingy working? Aloha! "He" posted me and my friend Mollie, practicing our hula lesson from our local college class. I'm following Mol, like her evil twin, the uncoordinated one (but not doing too shabby for only my 2nd class...) My adoring "he" then felt compelled to post it as my birthday celebratory dance on YouTube and share it with friends all over everywhere. I'm just glad I didn't take "Pole Dancing 101"!...more

Multi-tasking fun day, bring it on!

Ok, 4/4 and 4/5 catch up as usual (do you detect a theme here?) 4/4: just pretend it's yesteday (living in the immediate past?) Good synchronicity, a day of connections, friendships born and kept, working on being clear and honest and protecting my boundaries, but only so much. How to find the balance between not being run over, and being open to the universe and the occasional tire tread on my ego. I read a great meditation practice about being non-judgemental....more

It's still 4/2, ready or not, here I come!

Back again, waiting out the clock at work, cold coffee, list of "to do, to call, to read/write/grow" beckons just outside the office door. Surprised for lunch by the "he" who had time to treat me to banana pecan waffles at the local diner! Now gotta go return the latest kitchen miracle as seen on tv, that does everything - but the two things "he" wants in a replacement food processor, having broken the one we use for dairy foods, as we keep kosher. How can you have a "does-it-all" blender that doesn't shred or slice? Sigh. I can't boil water, but have blender lust....more

April 2 and I'm already playing catchup, argh! Happy late April Fool's Day?

Ok, so I'm late already, but 4/1 was so fun and full and busy and easy in spite of everything, because "he" and me are in synch and the world spins more smoothly when we are. I hate cutesy letters (DH, etc.) that stand for "husband", just my own opinion, no offense but it doesn't sit well with me. Anyway, I made myself go to the last of my sequence of hula classes, basically because my friend bugged me to "attend, already!" and I'm so glad I did....more

Warmin' up for March!

Good morning! Funny how busy things look, and in a sense are, but balanced with the realization that so many of my choices are luxuries and blessings. Work/volunteering/planning/projects all serve to give me some structure, if I mean to be effective. And for me to follow through, I have to enjoy the process and give the project its own structure, right back at it. Just call me the Lego-lady today, one building block at a time (red Lego, please, gotta be bright!)...more