Getting in a Pickle


It's Not Me, It's You!

Every once in a while you will grow something that you simply do not love. It may grow well and even produce huge amounts of produce.  However, something about the relationship is just not right.  Perhaps your family does not enjoy eating it.  Maybe it takes up way too much space.  It is time for a break up!

Dark Eyes Full of Mystery

What made you first fall in love with gardening?  Was it the first bite of a real tomato? Or the early morning peace of walking in the garden before the rest of the world had its first cup of coffee?  For me as an eleven year old girl it was discovering a California Slender Salamander in the vegetable garden.Todays theme was about first's my story!

The Birds and the Bees

As we approach Valentines Day and everyones thoughts turn to love...consider this when someone gives you flowers.  What lessons should you be teaching your children about sex?  Is 2 years old too young to have "The Talk."  For now my girls are learning the biology of flowers...when they are older we will discuss how this applies to mammals.A funny look at the worlds most important sex workers!

Mystery of the Seed

Need an activity this winter? Are you excited about growing a garden with your family this summer? Here is a perfect activity to bridge the time until Spring arrives!...more

Get Trendy It has become trendy to grow your own food.  However, if you do not have enough space and still want to get in on the fashionable trend of knowing where your food comes from there are options!  There are many benefits including greater participation in your community, supporting your local economy and even being "Green".  Click on the link above to learn more!...more

Creating a Community Garden from Scratch

 Creating a community garden from scratch is not for the faint of heart.  That being said, if you have a strong desire to create community and love gardening this can truly be the work of the heart.  By working together to create something tangible you will form lasting friendships and build a foundation for healthy living in your community. A community garden provides a location for recreation and learning....more
Ooh I'd love to do this to get to know like minded people when we move into our new house.more

Gardening for all Ages

As our community garden enters its second year I am eager to attract a wider range of gardeners.  I have two new projects in mind that will target two underrepresented demographics in our gardening club.  The two groups I plan to target are youth and seniors.  These who groups have wildly different needs and a huge range of knowledge.  I plan to have them garden in near proximity to each other to encourage interaction between them.  I hope that the two additional programs will help draw more of the community into our garden....more

Rage Inducing Front Yard Gardens

Front yard gardens have gotten a lot of attention lately.  Today’s world of HOA’s and city ordinances makes the creation of a front yard garden an intimidating one.  It does not have to be, that is if you are willing to grow your edibles in a covert manner.  Just about any regular landscape plant that you would place in your front yard for ornamental purposes has an edible counterpart.  Let us explore this idea further. I believe you should be able to grow whatever you want in your front yard as long as it is well maintained and attractive....more

Prolific fruit the very first year!

I have been researching new fruit to try out in our community garden.  I think I may have found the perfect option.  It is bothered by no pests or diseases.  It produces up to 300 fruit per plant.  It is easy to determine when it is fact if falls off the plant and just needs to be scooped up!  All of that and it will store for 3 months!  Oh yeah and one more variety tastes like pineapple.  It can be eaten fresh, made into jam or frozen.  To me this sounds like a perfect addition to our garden....more