How to Mix Prints and Patterns

I used to think that mixing different prints and patterns was taboo. But now I’m starting to realize that when they are done right, they can create gorgeous combinations and make you look incredibly fashionable. Still when it comes to pattern and print mixology I’m a big wus....more

Wizard of Oz Party Inspiration

So this movie Oz /The Great and Powerful is out in theatres and it inspired me to create this Oz birthday party idea board (based on the original Wizard of Oz movie). ...more

Inexpensive Flower Pot Centerpieces

As fun as throwing parties and entertaining cab be, it can also get expensive. I’m always intrigued by the use relatively inexpensive and ordinary objects to create interesting party décor. Here are some pretty creative uses I found for using flower pots as centerpieces. ...more

Best Dessert Buffet Ever-Strawberry Shortcake Bar

I’ve been a big fan of dessert/candy buffets for a while now. I’ve combed through hundreds of amazing and meticulously color-coordinated creations; and I even bought dessert buffet guru Amy Atlas’ book. I’ve done several variations of dessert bars for clients and at home—like the ice cream sundae bar I created for my daughter’s last birthday. But this has to be the awesome-est idea I’ve come across so far! The simplicity of it is what really makes this a home run for me....more

Spring Into Yellow

The color yellow has strong symbolism associated with it....more

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Even though I'm not Irish per se, I'll use any excuse to throw a party. Check out my party inspiration items for a Sláinte filled St. Patrick's Day Celebration. There is nothing a little green food coloring can't fix. ...more
Looks like fun!more

Tips for a Romantic Homemade Valentine’s Dinner

Hey fellas, this one is for you. I realize that not all of you make Valentine’s Day a big to-do; and that’s o.k. Sometimes a small romantic gesture can go a long way. Having said this, I know a lot of you will try preparing a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for your boo’s—which is great....more

Kid's Valentine's Party Inspiration-Owl Theme


Romantic Vanities

I think vanities are sooo romantic! Like Valentine’s Day romantic (hint, hint). Every girl needs a great vanity, and a great vanity is representative of its owner. My favorites are definitely antique-looking. An amazing vanity not only changes a room’s appearance, but also gives it a unique character and style. Check out some of these lovelies I found: ...more

Winter Pastels-Party Inspiration

Pastels normally elicit visions of Spring and Easter. But pastel colors can also work in the Winter. Give some of these Winter pastel ideas a try at for your next party. ...more