Kids Party Inspiration-Polar Bear Theme

In the third installment of my Winter Party theme ideas I'm focusing on cute and cuddly Polar Bears! Check out all of the inspiration I found: Cakes and Cookies and Cupcakes OH MY! ...more

Treat of The Week-Cowgirl Cookies

I got this amazing recipe from Bakerella. I actually made the "in a jar" version of theses cookies give away as Christmas presents last year....more

Diet Suicide Victim

I’m participating in a biggest looser contest at my job where the winner takes home a $120 pot of money. That’s not really why I’m dieting, I’m always trying to lose weight, the money is just a nice incentive. But this afternoon, after my 280-calorie healthy choice lunch, I got the hankering for smoothing sweet (nothing new)....more

Pomp and Circumstance, Galas and Balls

Washington is a great place to be around inauguration time…especially if you like lots of pomp and circumstance. It’s a pretty big deal around here. The upcoming 57th Presidential Inauguration is drawing big crowds, although not the history-making event that drew 1.8 million people in 2009, still the city and surrounding areas are all abuzz with preparations for the event....more

Kids Party Inspiration-Snowman Theme

Time for part 2 of my Winter-themed party ideas. I'm dedicating the month of January to sharing some of my favorite cold weather party inspirations. This feature is all about Snowmen. Check out all of the cool Snowman-themed Party I've scoured the web to find: DECOR...more

A Warm and Cozy Start to the New Year

Anyone that knows me is aware that Winter is my least favorite time of year. I’m a Summer baby all the way. Even though our Washington, DC Winters are considered mild to many, I’m pretty miserable right about now. Anyway, I’m trying to be positive and turn my lemons into lemonade (frozen lemonade). ...more

Kids Party Inspiration-Penguin Theme

There are so many fun Winter themed party ideas, it’s hard to choose just one. So I decided to dedicate January to sharing some of my favorites. The first features our feathered friends from the South Pole, Penguins! Check out all of the cool Penguin Party ideas below: ...more
I love the cake! It is absolutely adorable!more

Treat of the Week-Layered Strawberry Trifle

Happy New Year! Here is my treat for the week. I had some leftover strawberries and whipped topping from a Christmas dessert I made last week and decided to hurry up and use them before they spoiled. This is a super simple dessert that my mom taught me to make years ago and it seemed like a perfectly lazy way to use these leftover ingredients....more
@Darcie  Yes, I agree Darcie. Simple and delish is the way to go.more

Tips for A Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve isn’t traditionally the most family-centric holiday. But if you are tasked with hosting a  family-friendly NYE party this year, here are some tips to help you cater to folks of all ages....more

DIY Christmas Gifts in a Jar

I made these treats in a jar to give as Christmas gifts. They're great for those miscellaneous gifts that always forget (teacher, bus driver, neighbor) and also make awesome party favors for dinner guests....more