Cheesy Chicken Sausage Spaghetti Bake - Tried and True Recipe

Well, I love to cook.  I do it often and I do it well (not to toot my own horn or anything).  I have so many cooking magazines but lately just haven't tried any new recipes or experimented much.  I haven't had the time!  So tonight I came up with this wonderfully delicious recipe and I just had to share it!  Now, I will call my recipes "nontraditional" because I do not have a set amount for adding ingredients.  I will try to make it as simple as possible though.  (This is an EASY TO PREPARE recipe). ...more

It is. Just That.

I should've said no because I wanted to stay,  I should've fought harder to have my way. I didn't choose right when faced with the pressure,...more

A Rainbow for my Angel

I decided to use the writing prompt for today's NaBloPoMo and kind of debated (and am STILL debating) whether or not this is a topic I want to write about.  The writing prompt of the day is "Has anything traumatic ever happened to you?" I am sure many things in my life have traumatized me in some way or another.  The stupid boy in high school who cheated on me or maybe even my parent's divorce.  But none of those thoughts popped into my head when I read that question. ...more

Mom (plus) Children = Happiness


Strike While the Iron is HOT!

I am a list person.  I make a lot of lists with a lot of to-do's...And a lot of it never gets done.  Well, it DOES get done, just not in the timely fashion I would like.  Partly because of my procrastination (why do today what you can put off until tomorrow???) and partly because I just write down too much damn stuff to do!  Seriously, I have set the expectations for 24 hours in a day way too high. ...more

Would've Should've Could've - Didn't

I guess tonight I am feeling a little melancholy.  It was a great day overall.  I dropped some more candles off to the store.  When I was in the store there was a woman purchasing my candles too.  Yay!  I spent about 4 hours grocery shopping (two different stores!) and saved a bunch of money.  I found great deals on my jelly jars and had a super good California Kitchen BBQ Chicken Pizza when I got home.   ...more

Who Has Time For This???

Goodness, Today is Day 4 of my NaBloPoMo and I am just doing a quickie tonight!  I am in the middle of clipping at least 2 1/2 months worth of coupons (slacking!!!)  so I can make a grocery list and go shopping tomorrow.  Ugh, I have not been keeping up on my coupon binder. It is so sad to see all of these great expired coupons go to waste.  Though I do save for the troops since I believe that they are allowed to use expired ones up to six months past the date.  But they are wasted on me!   ...more

I admit it - I am a LOL over user - LOL.

I admit it, I am a LOL over user.  To the max.  It is pretty depressing actually because I just realized it.  Looking over posts and comments I have left, I see that I am always saying LOL.  So much that I am surprised I do not actually use it in face to face conversations!  Sadly, if I don't get LOL help soon it might just lead there.  Like, it could be a serious post on Facebook "My daughter is sick today LOL".  It's not funny, so why am I LOLing?  Is it a nervous habit I have developed over the internet?  Am I trying to convince people that I ...more
Me too. ;-)more

Supposed to be Musical Emotion but Really Random Rambling (RRR).

You know, here on Day 2 of my November daily blog posting I want to talk about music.  Since I am writing a blog post every day I am always thinking of things to write about.  Lately I have been very busy (well maybe not so much as VERY busy - more of a lack of time management skills...or a slight addiction to Facebook).  I have many many different things going on in my life.  I have two children, I babysit, I run my own candle business, I run two blogs, I write for other groups...yada yada yada (Yes, a Seinfeld reference :-/)  And it is all just great.  I love...more

30 Days of writing...Let's get started!!!

Well, honestly, I am very tired tonight but really wanted to start my 30 days of blogging for NaBloPoMo!!!  National Blog Posting Month, LOL ...more