De-Gunk Your Dishwasher With Finish®!

I am cringing while writing this post. It started off normal enough--I planned on writing a post about cleaning your dishwasher. Pretty normal, right? Well. Then I thought, "Oh, I should totally take before and after pictures to show how sparkly and clean it is after I clean it." I didn't expect to see how DISGUSTING the inside of my dishwasher is....more

Resolve® versus Evan The Stain Factory

Laundry is the bane of my existence. It's kind of like dinner...even though I do it today it will still need to be done tomorrow too. Why can't we have self-cleaning clothes? If we can't have self-cleaning clothes, I really need to find a way to keep our clothes looking great long term....more

Rock Back to School for the Entire Family at Marshalls

Back to school time is almost here. The summer flew by and now it is time to take stock of what your child needs to make back to school as easy for them (and you) as possible. Evan is 8 and going into Grade 3 this year. We are lucky that our school provides all of his school supplies. Our "must purchase" list includes new pants (because he is growing like a weed), hoodies (his favorite long sleeve attire), and a new backpack. Today I headed to Marshalls to see what they had on tap for back to school....more