DIY Clay Spoons

I’ve been aching to take a pottery class lately and just haven’t taken the time to signup for one. I love pottery and simple ceramic pieces, especially for food styling on the blog and I’ve been trying to find new, unique pieces to use in shoots lately. Since we don’t have a kiln at our disposal, I decided to make some spoons out of oven-bake clay ....more

DIY Memo Board

Being organized is definitely not one of my strengths, at least when it comes to organizing my own stuff – if we’re talking about someone else’s stuff, I could organize all day and be thrilled. But lately I’ve been working at getting more organized and having a space to be inspired by rather than a space with stacks of pictures, papers and knick-knacks just lying around. This modern, minimal memo board is the perfect way to display reminders, old pictures, inspiration, shopping list, sunglasses… all those things you want around but don’t really have a home yet ....more

Brazilian Limeade

I’m a lime lover – put it in a drink, squeeze some juice into whatever I’m cooking, add it to a salad, eat it plain… just give me all the limes! While I was in NYC, I tried lime potato chips. Oh my – soo good ....more

DIY Clay Ring Necklace

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I tried out the air dry clay recipe in Materially Crafted, when I was playing around with things to make, I made a few random shapes to potentially use for upcoming projects. I loved this basic clay ring so much once it was dry that I decided to add some leather and make it into a necklace! It goes pretty well with the goth-style I’ve been rocking lately ....more

DIY Brushstroke Phone Case

We’ve made a few phone cases this year and now I feel like I need to make a fresh one each...more

50+ Free Things to do in NYC

I spent all of last week in NYC with a few friends and it was nothing short of amazing. We did and saw so much while we were there. Before I left, I knew I would need to be on a budget while I was there so I did a lot of research on free things to do around the city so we could stay busy without spending a...more

Arrow + Sage Giveaway

We’re so excited to share this giveaway with you today! We stumbled upon Anna from Arrow + Sage on Instagram a while back and immediately fell in love with her work! Her pottery is absolutely gorgeous and we’re so excited to partner with her to bring you this amazing giveaway! ...more

Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Salty Honey Swirl

I love peanut butter! It’s something that I enjoy eating straight out of the jar – and that ends up in a lot of my desserts, so it was only a matter of time before I made peanut butter ice cream! It’s hard to find ice cream that has a peanut butter base, usually it’s some other flavor, like chocolate or vanilla, with peanut butter swirls in it ....more

DIY Mountain Necklace Display

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got piles of jewelry spilling out of every available space in your room! Sometimes necklaces seem like the hardest accessory to keep organized – they can get tangled up so easily! If you’re tired of trying to untangle those knotted necklaces (the worst!), these mountain necklace displays will not only keep your necklaces organized, they’ll add a bit of beauty to your space as well! ...more

DIY Leather and Eucalyptus Mirror

I’m writing this post in a gorgeous apartment in NYC (dedication, folks!) I’ve been doing so much exploring around the city and I’m feeling so inspired to dive into new projects when I get home! Until then, here’s a project I made last week! I’ve been meaning to make a leather hanging mirror for months now and when I finally decided to make one the other day, I had extra dried eucalyptus laying on the floor from the wall hanging so I added a few pieces! ...more