Here I am!

It has been a long time since I've been here, so much has gone on that I will just try and start anew. Right now I am in training for the Komen 5K Race for the Cure. big deal, you think. Well, I have fibromyalgia and myalfasia pain syndrome. One never knows what it is going to do minute to minute. I have been in training for several months and doing fine and then boom, Imy Dr said I have what appeared to be shin splints so I have to do nothing for a week or more. I know it isn't shin splints rather it is fibro and myalfasia but I took his advice....more

Want to help people going through Chemo?

I discovered this wonderful charity that teams people up with patients who are going through chemo and we send letters, cards, and little gifties to the patients while they are going through chemo to brighten their day. My first patient is about to graduate and I am now anxious to get my new patient! It is fun and it feels good to give back! Here is the addie if you are interested: ...more

Disorder in the American Courts

> ...more

Taking a new direction.

I am sitting at my desk gazing out the window at glorious blue skies and golden sunlight that is kissing the trees and grass and smiling because the cold is over for the week. The temperature is steadily going up each day and the weathermen (if they are correct) say we will be having temperatures near 70 degrees by Saturday! Yipee!!!! ...more

I am so lazy.... yeah right! LOL

Tomorrow I start a Pet sitting job that will last 7 days. Today I have been trying to organize all my things so I can leave in the morning with minimal trouble. I will be sharing a house with 4 cats and 3 dogs... almost like our house, 2 cats and 4 dogs right now... Pebbles is suppose to be going to a new foster home now that recooperation is finished. ...more


I ran out this noon time and got the partical perm. One thing I hate about going to beauticians is that no one can ever fix my hair the way I do. It is pretty simple: curl the hair, pick it out, curl the pieces that are rebellious then cement it in place! LOL You should see some of the hair dos they have created! Today was hysterical: the top of my hair was a rectangular mass of tintsy tiny curls which made it look like I had a strange looking mohawk! you should have seen the looks I got! ...more

Scrambled eggs


Excercize and Art.

I have been working out on my elyptical for weeks now and yes, this particular machine of mine kicks my butt! On Thursday I decided to go for a run outside, ran (slowly with some walking in there) 3 miles. Love the runners high! ...more

King, crochet, Arbonne, exercize

Poor old King had received a terrible injury from a diaper he was wearing (the boy is almost 15 and has lost control of his bladder) and after weeks of meds and carefulplacement of a makeship diaper, the injury would not heal. So the Vet had to perform a minor operation to stictch up the gapping wound. In all honesty, they weren't sure he would make it through the operation but he did. He will be wearing the Elizabethan collar for a while... I feel so bad for him to have to wear the collar and the diaper... the diaper is bad enough. ...more

I have a dilema!

Well, for some reason I am getting no sales on Etsy, Artfire, and Ebay. Nothing. So I started looking around for some kind of home biz I can do that should bring in some money (besides the Pet Sitting jobs). I went to an Arbonne Party and was really impressed with the products! So I had a party at my house and I was shocked at how many people actually bought stuff (considering the economy the way it is). So I decided to give it the ole college try. Then I ran into a problem...  ever since I decided to be an Arbonne Consultant my creativity seems to have dried up! ...more