A Diatribe Against Shampoo // Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner Review

Six months ago, I blogged about being able to go three days between hair washes. My number now hovers around the 3-4 day range (though I used to have to at least wet my hair every other day, and now I can go all three days without it touching water), and even though I'm sure I can surpass it, I'm happy with the way things are – I like my hot showers, thank you very much.Since then, I knew that ...more

Ullu Snapon iPhone

As iPhone users go, I'm one of the purists. I much prefer going caseless to retain the integrity of the design, and since I'm quite careful with my belongings, I'm not too worried about damage to my phone. That said, I do want my phone to last over two years before having to shell out for another, and a little voice in my head tells me that's not possible unless I cover it up.The challenge then ...more

On The Subject Of Glowing

Much hullabaloo has been made of the limited edition Guerlain Météorites Perles De Blush from the Spring 2015 collection, and why not? For those of us who are familiar with the magic of Guerlain's ethereal météorites powder (more affectionately termed, ballz), a pigmented version would only make the most ardent of blush collectors weep with joy. Which happened all over the Internet when these ...more

Fingers in the Cold

It is a happy coincidence that I took a picture of myself holding this bottle of Nails Inc Porchester Square a few months ago in my DKNY Cashmere Pop Top Gloves, because at this point of time I wouldn't be caught dead outside without those tops fully closed. Sometimes, it's hard to stomach the price of cashmere (these gloves are $95), but I've experienced enough winters that I can't deny its ...more

How to effectively moisturize in winter

I have a love-hate relationship with winter. I love the crispness in the air, the promise of soft snow, and sticking two sticks on my feet and skidding down a mountain, but I detest the myriad of bodily problems that pop up during the season. We've discussed my nose freezing up (which a few of you identify strongly with), so let's get to another big problem: skin.Every year in November, if I ...more

How to treat dry nostrils in winter

I'm having a Karen Smith (from Mean Girls) moment when I say this, but my nose can always tell...more

The Face Mist Guide to End All Face Mist Guides

If the key to happy, hydrated skin is a balance of humectants and emollients (translation: this is why you need serum and...more

A Gift Guide I Can Vouch For

Have you noticed the extraordinary amount of pressure to shop recently? My inbox (both Messy Wands and personal) has been inundated by brands advertising holiday gifts and paraphernalia, all persistently nudging me to get them before it's "too late." Never mind the fact that it's still one whole month before Christmas! I always find the end of the year rushing toward me too quickly, maybe this is ...more

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil + Cream

Let my reflection be a testament to how shiny the packaging isEarlier this week, I had an unfortunate reaction to a new face mist I was testing – the entire area under my mouth broke out in hives. I took some Claritin to mitigate the effects and laid off products for a few days so as not to enrage the beast, and it seems to have worked. The red splotches have disappeared, leaving in its wake ...more

R29 + Rescue Beauty Lounge: Better Than Boyfriend Jeans

I'm a sucker for baby blues, so when Rescue Beauty Lounge unveiled its latest collaboration with Refinery29, I ordered Better Than Boyfriend Jeans without skipping a beat. It is such a pretty icy blue – it reminds me of Dior Glacier (less blue and more silver, shimmery) which I missed out on years ago. BTBJ is a different polish under varying light ....more