Stocking Stuffers: Top Name Beauty Steals For $25 and Under

Let's face it, pretty much any time one spends shopping for makeup and beauty products is like Christmas, but Christmastime it is particularly Christmas-y, due to amazingly-priced stocking stuffers and true beauty bargains. I've scoped out some of my favorites here; the brands and quality are excellent, and the prices -- all under $25 -- are most definitely right. ...more

One more tip! I ran into Bath & Body Works yesterday to grab some hand soap as we were all out. ...more

Winterizing Your Beauty Arsenal: A Three-pronged Attack

In years past, I've played around and tested various items to keep my skin from, you know, looking scaly and leprous, but I've never managed to catch it in time before the combination of the cold temperatures and our ridiculous WWI-era radiator heating had started affecting it. This year, I finally got it right. I'm proud to say I've found a way to stave off Icky Winter Skin, once and for all. ...more

It works great and is so cute. My girlfriend liked it... awesome.more

The Eyes Have It, and By It, I Mean "Crow's Feet": Let's talk about eye cream!

A few months back, knowing that 30 was looming, I took the step of undertaking the Great Eye Cream Search of 2010, as I embark on the path of (sigh) preventative/anti-aging skin care. I seriously left no stone unturned in my quest, and I figured I would pick my favorites from each each price point (Drugstore, Sephora-Level, and Ridiculous), and share them here. ...more

Love the Eye Complex Cream with Retinol by Kirby Dermaceuticals. It helps smooth out the skin ...more

Scartini and Poo-pouri: Five Beauty/Fashion Products You CAN Live Without

Every now and then, you come across a life-changing beauty product. One that brightens your day just a little bit , and adds a gleam to your eye. "How did I live without this wondrous item?" you ask yourself.This is not one of those times.This is one of those times where I stare at my inbox in horror and wonder who the hell greenlights some of these things....more

A couple of years ago my office was right next to the bathroom (yuck, right?) Well, I bought a ...more

Rose-Colored Glasses: My Favorite Tints and Stains

For as long as I've been wearing makeup, I've been obsessed with lip/cheek stains and tints. This is likely due to the fact that I technically wasn't ALLOWED to wear makeup until I was 16, and I used tints and stains to slyly get by my Mom, all, "WHAT? I'm NOT WEARING LIPSTICK, SEE??" and swipe my hand across my seemingly-bare (yet obviously colored) lips as proof. Sneaky, sneaky, me. ...more

I am quite the make-up enthusiast and have found that BeneTint is a little difficult to work ...more

Dressing Appropriately for the Office When the Weather Outside is Approximately the Temperature of the Sun

I will start this out by saying that while I know not all office dress codes are the same, the icky, sticky feeling of dressing nicely and then setting out for work in 97-degree weather is universally awful....more

I don't know about you, but the majority of my favorite feminine shirts are not made out of ...more

Forever 21's Maternity Line: Why it's a Fashion DO

Ah, pregnancy. That joyous time when you're growing a tiny human, blissfully preparing for his or her arrival, and ... potentially taking out a second mortgage to cover the cost of maternity clothes....more
Thanks so much for this post.  Im 16 weeks, looking more like 25 because Im carrying all in the ...more

In Defense of Jeggings

When I was a few months pregnant with my second kid, skinny jeans hit the fashion scene in a big way. And I -- fearing the unfamiliar, and getting rounder every day -- laughed and rolled my eyes, thinking, "HA! There's no WAY I will ever wear something as ridiculous as skinny jeans! Not for the next seven or so months, and not ever." And then I would shake my head. Smugly. I viewed the concept as ludicrous; a style that was bound to be unflattering, silly, and...sausage-casing-y. ...more

I held out against skinny jeans for a long time because of bad 80's memories. But I found a pair ...more

Combs That Cut Hair, Bad American Apparel, Itchy Groin Cream, Spanx for Men: What Not to Buy Your Man for Father's Day

Oh, Father's Day. That delightful time of year during which moms find themselves frantically running around purchasing neckties/golf accessories/"#1 Dad!" shirts for the father of their kid(s), even if he: is a deep sea fisherman/doesn't play golf/is, tops, the #3 Dad out there . And let's not forget the annual Crafting of the Bookmarks. This was apparently the Father's Day gift of choice back in the day (in the view of the teachers in my elementary school, anyway) and each and every year, we made them for our dads. Oftentimes, they were in the SHAPE of a necktie. I kid you not. ...more

that comb was very amazing! i wish i would have one to give to my dad!


Growing Out Your Bangs? I Can Help

I've had some version of bangs -- blunt or sideswept -- for a good few years now. And most of the year, I adore the look of them. The way they lay, the way they flatter, the way they allow me to dramatically change my hairstyle without employing the use of bleach or other Dramatic Measures. Like I said, MOST of the year, I love my bangs. There are a few months (June through August, or "The Sauna Period") where I bemoan my decision to stick with bangs, and curse the floppy, stringy situation all up on my forehead....more

Oh how I wish I had seen this post earlier since I just came to the realization this morning. ...more