OMG I have been so busy

    I  have become OBSESSED with It's like the Facebook of ideas. If you haven't checked it out, you're either going to love me or hate me cause you'll be hooked!  But anyways I have tried Two new Recipes from that site......more
It looks good and easy! This maybe just what I need to make on those busy nights:)more

Today Is a Thursday

First off, I have been listening to NPR and they brought up a good discussion on the modification of books such as Huckleberry Finn regarding words altered instead of saying Injun saying native american, ect... and so forth... Here's my question. How do people feel about this? I feel that Mr. Twain or Mr. Clemens however you refer to him would be rolling over in his grave right now as a liberal critic of American Society the words he used were the words he ment to use if I may....more

Tough Times with Weird Things on my Mind

Over the holidays due to my company's " use it or loose it " policy of vacation time many people take time off. Yesterday most of us returned, as we are in education, yep, a company that runs a school (proprietary School) we returned before the students did to prepare for the students return. At around 9 I stopped for some coffee from our amazing coffee maker (the only perk is the Keurig Coffee maker in the staff lounge ) and several of my co-workers were in there looking very grim and one was teary. Apparently they had already fired or permanetly laid off people that morning, by 11 a.m....more

Signs Signs Everywhere there are Signs

So I'm trying to convince Him it's a good idea to move dinner out of the living room and back into the kitchen.  This involved actually getting my kitchen table together! So I get the chairs set up the table set. The food on and we sit down. Things are going pretty good untill we hear a creeeeek, a groan, and I see my Hubby go flying backwards. I see slippered feet sticking straight up where his head was and I hear several words that should not be repeated in front of nice company......more

'Medium Raw' Medium Review

I picked up the new book by Anthony Bourdain at my local library yesterday titled "Medium Raw" and i dove into it this morning.  Is anyone else in the habit of writing down words they don't understand from books they probably shouldn't be reading in the first place?  I am only on page 9 and I have these words listed Gueridon Cocottes Aemagnac Ortolan-which apparently is some french protected bird that is captured and fed around the clock then ceremoniously killed and served whole.......more

Fixated on Food

In my quest for food nirvana I attempted two new recipes about a week ago.... Leek and proscutto pasta, and Ginger steak salad.  The pasta was great and only took me 2 hours and a speeding ticket to make (most expensive dinner I've ever had) The salad was a PAIN in the BUTT you had to creat the marinade.... let me preface this with I enjoy food but I do not enjoy making food  I had to ask The Man In My Life how to crush and mince garlic....more

Mainly, I make what I like, I found the recipes on a website and I tweeked them a little cause ...more