More More More: Snow Globes, Noodle Robots, and Buttercream Ruffles

Living with a ten month old baby is sort of like being trapped inside the world's cutest snow globe - and every time you think you've found your way around the place someone comes along and shakes the damned thing up. So you might also say that living with a ten month old baby is like living inside a tornado... or some kind of crazy vortex where time and reason function totally differently ....more

Raw Dark Chocolate Almond Bark from the Love Fed Cookbook

I have a pretty hopeless addiction to sweets so I'm always on the lookout for ways to make that addiction a little less deadly. The existence of health food desserts gives me some hope that I won't end up outgrowing my jeans as often as my baby boy. Of course, nothing healthy can ever replace ice cream, my naughty food soul mate, but I've learned that I can really get down with a raw chocolate truffle in between frozen dairy benders....more

Austin's Most Interesting Pizza - 2015

Photo courtesy of Jessica Aberthal @BakeMeAway One of the most amazing things about pizza is its ability to remain desirable even when the odds against it seem insurmountable. Stay with me here. I mean, even the worst pizza is still pizza, right? ...more

Curry Roasted Cauliflower

Sometimes I like to roast up a huge baking sheet of broccoli...more

Book Update: Official Pre-Sale Starting Soon!

Oh my goodness. Would you look at that cover? I'm not too shy to say it ....more

Those Cheeks

These ones, right here. ...more

More More More: Laughs, Laps, and Carbo-loading

This past weekend I watched my little sister, Caitlin, perform with her sketch troupe, Taken Seriously, in their debut show at The New Movement Theater. Cait is a natural born comedian. She came up with her first standup routine when she was just a wee tot ....more

A Tri-State Native's Guide to New York Style Pizza in Austin, Texas - 2015

Note: This post has been updated from last year's guide to New York style pizza in Austin....more

Never Too Young

CC's first Christmas came and went about one month ago. Since Scott and I aren't religious Christmas is more of a family tradition than anything else, but one we still enjoy a lot. Being surrounded with people you love and piles of cookies is a good thing, right? ...more

The Most Interesting Ice Cream in Austin - 2015

Psst. Have you heard? Crush-ins are so last season ....more