Book News: Pre-Orders For The Natural Beauty Solution Available Now!

It's true! You can purchase your copy right now in my Big Cartel shop! The book is expected to come out around June 15 ....more

More More More: Kids, Crawfish, and Carpentry

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links that help support Mary Makes Good and mentions a product that I was given samples of for free. We spent last weekend doing one of my favorite things - throwing a party! Our friends Keeley and Kirk are having a baby and we couldn't be happier for them ....more

Olive & Honey Lip Scrub

I might have mentioned this before, but I have a lot of sisters. The youngest one is named Caitlin Ariel. She arrived about nine years after the rest of us so my parents decided to make sure she received a warm welcome by naming her after the Little Mermaid ....more

Brown Butter & Garlic Sage Spaghetti Squash

If you are looking for a good excuse to consume way too much butter, a brown butter vegetable dish is a good choice. You've got the virtue of plant-power on your side, which pretty much offers a universal pass to go crazy with ingredients that would otherwise seem indulgent. Broccoli? ...more

So, Be Present: How I Try to Buddha Mamahood

I found myself in the midst of a totally stereotypical motherhood moment while going through CC's old clothes the other morning....more

More More More: Snow Globes, Noodle Robots, and Buttercream Ruffles

Living with a ten month old baby is sort of like being trapped inside the world's cutest snow globe - and every time you think you've found your way around the place someone comes along and shakes the damned thing up. So you might also say that living with a ten month old baby is like living inside a tornado... or some kind of crazy vortex where time and reason function totally differently ....more

Raw Dark Chocolate Almond Bark from the Love Fed Cookbook

I have a pretty hopeless addiction to sweets so I'm always on the lookout for ways to make that addiction a little less deadly. The existence of health food desserts gives me some hope that I won't end up outgrowing my jeans as often as my baby boy. Of course, nothing healthy can ever replace ice cream, my naughty food soul mate, but I've learned that I can really get down with a raw chocolate truffle in between frozen dairy benders....more

Austin's Most Interesting Pizza - 2015

Photo courtesy of Jessica Aberthal @BakeMeAway One of the most amazing things about pizza is its ability to remain desirable even when the odds against it seem insurmountable. Stay with me here. I mean, even the worst pizza is still pizza, right? ...more

Curry Roasted Cauliflower

Sometimes I like to roast up a huge baking sheet of broccoli...more