Fur Real Pet Moments with Rachael Ray Nutrish

I have this friend who goes through couches at an alarming rate. Not only does she have a keen appreciation for a good looking sofa, she also has a soft spot for naughty rescue dogs. The two things put together have her buying a new piece of furniture every few months ....more

Mama Diary: On Loss

This is a heavy one, folks. I debated whether or not to share this story - my story of loss, but after finding comfort in the words of other bloggers I felt that I should try. For those of you who would rather skip the emotional stuff please feel free to scroll on past ....more

Making Busy Boards for Inquisitive Kids

CC has always been an inquisitive child, but lately his curiosity has really taken off. He inspects everything with such scrutiny. When he discovers anything resembling a switch, button, or dial he becomes obsessed ....more

Black Eyed Pea & Mango Salad (Mango Texas Caviar)

I had never really heard of black eyed peas until I moved to Texas. I guess my childhood in the northeast left my bean horizons sadly unexplored. I'll have to lodge a complaint with my parents for stunting my bean education so badly ....more

More More More: Book News, Baby School, and Blog Tours

Oh my poor abandoned blog. I feel awful for the way I've let the old girl shrivel up lately. It's just that life has been particularly overwhelming these past few months ....more

Workshops and Classes Coming Up Soon!

I have two very different classes going on Saturday, August 8th in Austin, Texas. In the morning I'll be leading a free workshop on DIY natural beauty at Whole Foods Domain. Later that day I'll be at Faraday's Kitchen Store teaching a hands-on class on rolling sushi ....more

Book Update: Anchors Away!

At long last my book has arrived. At this very moment copies of The Natural Beauty Solution are shipping out to all corners of the globe. Today I shipped books to Australia, Spain, Belgium, and the UK! ...more

Stuffed Everything Pretzels

Do you know what I miss most about growing up in the Northeast? I miss the bread. The bagels, the hard rolls, the pretzels! ...more

Honey & Citrus Salt Scrubs

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by The National Honey Board....more

Book Update: Bonus Goodies and Ingredient Bundles Are Almost Ready!

Howdy friends! I've been hard at work whipping up bonus goodies for all of the amazing people who have placed pre-orders for The Natural Beauty Solution. Yesterday I wrapped up photos for the bonus recipe booklet and opened a huge box of supplies for making lip balms, craft kits, and ingredient bundles ....more