Printable Galentine's for Your Sisters, Besties, and Lady-Loves

Let's take a moment to give it up for our lady loves - those precious women in our lives who make getting through the tough stuff possible. Life isn't always easy. Having a sister in your corner - whether you are related to her by blood or simply bound to her by love, is pretty amazing ....more

Four Simple Meditations for Mama

Disclosure: This post includes a sponsored mention of Prevention Magazine's R3 Summit. My opinions are my own. When I was invited to this year's R3 Summit by Prevention Magazine I wondered what my big takeaway would be for 2016 ....more

The World's Easiest Whipped Shea Butter

Skin feeling a little dry or itchy? If you have a stand mixer and about fifteen minutes to spare than you are in luck. Add two simple ingredients and that's all it takes to create this luscious, moisturizing whipped body butter! ...more

How Not to Cook at Home: A Food Delivery Guide for Austin, TX

Disclosure: This post is peppered with affiliate links and codes that help support Mary Makes Good by earning itty-bitty commissions or freebies. Some of them even get you special deals, so yeehaw! This post is part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance's 2016 City Guide ....more

Flax Seed Furikake

A simple Japanese rice seasoning using healthy ingredients like flax seed meal, sesame seeds, and kelp powder. I know some of you might be thinking "Furi-what now?". I'll admit, furikake is not the most mainstream condiment out there ....more

Toasted Coconut Coffee Scrub

Whenever I host a DIY body scrub bar with Make it Good Apothecary people gravitate toward the little bowl of ground coffee. It's always the first ingredient to run out at a big event. More often than not, guests end up telling me how they've made coffee scrubs at home too - or that they received one as a gift from a crafty friend once upon a time ....more

Kitchen Quickie: Texas Caviar Toast

Oh avocado. You are a marvelous thing, aren't you? Mashed and swirled with lime you become a tasty chippable dip ....more

Mama Diary: Eighteen Months (Err, More like Nineteen and a Half)

Earlier today I was force-fed cheese crackers while being made to breastfeed a plastic brontosaurus. This extreme degree of both bossiness and imagination can only mean one thing. My little baby has become a toddler ....more

Flower Petal Confetti Facial Masks

Should you ever find yourself feeling utterly depressed, I have a surefire fix for you. Go out and buy yourself a dozen roses, then shred them into a zillion little pieces. The fragrant, colorful confetti is just about guaranteed to raise your spirits ....more

Vanilla Almond Hot Breakfast Smoothie with Whole Foods Market

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Whole Foods Market Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day but if you ask me, it is equally the most challenging. That is, it becomes challenging when you try to make sure it meets all of your very particular requirements for nutrition, speed, and taste. I actually have a very easy time eating breakfast - as long as it involves cream cheese and excessive carbohydrates ....more