Workshops and Classes Coming Up Soon!

I have two very different classes going on Saturday, August 8th in Austin, Texas. In the morning I'll be leading a free workshop on DIY natural beauty at Whole Foods Domain. Later that day I'll be at Faraday's Kitchen Store teaching a hands-on class on rolling sushi ....more

Book Update: Anchors Away!

At long last my book has arrived. At this very moment copies of The Natural Beauty Solution are shipping out to all corners of the globe. Today I shipped books to Australia, Spain, Belgium, and the UK! ...more

Stuffed Everything Pretzels

Do you know what I miss most about growing up in the Northeast? I miss the bread. The bagels, the hard rolls, the pretzels! ...more

Honey & Citrus Salt Scrubs

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by The National Honey Board....more

Book Update: Bonus Goodies and Ingredient Bundles Are Almost Ready!

Howdy friends! I've been hard at work whipping up bonus goodies for all of the amazing people who have placed pre-orders for The Natural Beauty Solution. Yesterday I wrapped up photos for the bonus recipe booklet and opened a huge box of supplies for making lip balms, craft kits, and ingredient bundles ....more

Twelve Months in Babyland

I was old enough when I had CC to realize just how fleeting his babyhood would be. Many times over the past year I paused to try and save a moment in time. I tried to freeze it by closing my eyes and telling myself to remember ....more

Austin Bakes For Nepal!

Get ready for something amazing! Austin Bakes is throwing yet another epic bake sale in the city of Austin tomorrow. Since 2011 Austin Bakes has raised over $50,000 for natural disaster relief ....more

Raspberry Spinach Salad with Honey Almond Vinaigrette

Disclosure: I am being compensated for working at The National Honey Board's Benefits of Honey events mentioned below. The first time I saw fruit on a salad I was quite skeptical. Even though I am a big fan of all things sweet and savory it gave me pause ....more

Five Surprisingly Wonderful Things About Traveling With a Baby

Last week we took our first big trip as a family. The flight to Seattle began at CC's usual bedtime so we were hoping that he would sleep through most of the ride. We figured the plane would be dark and quiet with plenty of white noise from the engines ....more

Three Healthy Goals for 2015

It might seem a little late in the year for goal-setting, but you know what? I've never been a slave to tradition so I'm not letting that get in my way. Besides, January is for resolutions and what I'm doing here is setting some achievable goals for myself on the anniversary of having given birth to my first baby ....more