growing lettuce under florescent lights

Bright lights, big lettuce. The Damsel heard you could grow lettuce indoors under florescent lights and decided then and there she wanted to try it, because the Cottage By The Mountains was buried in snow, and spring seemed oh so far away. She yearned for soil, seeds, and sprouts. ...more

how to freeze eggs

We freeze all sorts of things to keep them for later. Why don’t people know that we can freeze eggs too? (eggs courtesy of the Damsel’s Freerange Flightless Female Flock.) It’s okay. You can do it. It’s not illegal. The knowledge of this secret can now sweep the earth ....more

kitchen cheat sheet

Here’s a super cool infographic for cheating in the kitchen. It says it’s for the UK but even if the Damsel is a Yank, she found it useful and appealing, especially below the metric conversion section. The Damsel regrets she can’t seem to figure out how to fix the fact that the sidebar blocks part of the image. **fail**  To see the complete image and/or for a printable version, please click the handy link at the bottom.   ...more

how to make oat flour from oatmeal

  How to make oat flour: Real way: obtain whole oat grains, ideally by going into an organic field with a sickle, while singing Kumbaya. Grind them in a mill ....more

top 100 food blogs to follow

Yay! The Old School is featured in this list of the top 100 food blogs to follow in 2013. What an honor! Check it out at #70:   An infographic by the team at CouponAudit . ...more

hot chocolate–an easy, yummy trick

At the Cottage by the Mountains, snow isn’t unusual. It’s a pretty constant companion through January and February. Snow is common off and on from Halloween to Mother’s Day. ...more

old school stove

Sometimes older is better. Someday, this old school oven shall preside over the Damsel’s kitchen. From this angle, she can see no down side. Someday. Someday ....more

happy christmas

The Damsel wishes you the happiest of holidays. Amidst the busyness, don’t forget to enjoy the simple joys of the season. ...more

english toffee for christmas–guest post

The Damsel is pleased to have a writing buddy as a substitute teacher today: Christy Monson.  Not only is she a brilliant writer, but she makes darn good English toffee–an old school Christmas treat indeed. Now, some people think this stuff is tricky to make. Follow these instructions, and you’ll be a pro in no time ....more

stringing popcorn

One of the most old school things you can do to decorate a Christmas tree is to string popcorn for a garland. The tradition of decking your tree with food is as old as they come, and popcorn is cheap and easy. It’s a fun activity to do as a family, too ....more