Help with Venison

I don't cook very well. So, when I ask this question, let us all remember to use small, layman, words so I do not get spooked and run away. My husband had shot a deer this past hunting season. My daughter and husband love to eat this deer meat. Me, I cannot get past the unusual smell of it. So, here is the question ~ For the love of Pete, how are you supposed to cook this stuff. We have steaks, roasts, ground meat, chops. What am I supposed to do with it? ...more

Thank you so much for the advice and recipies.  We will certainly try it.  When we do, I will ...more

The Face

If I could figure out how to insert a picture you would see the face that only a mother can love. It would be the face of the 4 year old holy terror of pre-school. You know the one. The one where every other mom looks at him in bewilderment and has that thought bubble protruding from their head that reads of blaming the parents, or why do they let him stay, or mine will never act that way. Those same moms give you either the out of the corner of their eye glances or they actually give you that half smile and say Oh, your so-and-so's mom. ...more

You can insert a picture that's already been uploaded somewhere on the internet by clicking ...more