Autism Twitter Day ~ A Day to Promote Postive Autism Awareness

In June of 1998, her oldest son was diagnosed with autism. Less than a year later, in April of 1999, her younger son was diagnosed with the same. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum; one is non-verbal, the other is higher functioning. Not only was she was hit with something most parents never experience, she was hit with it twice and with the highest of extremes. ...more

Cardboard for Humanity

I was in disbelief for what my eyes took in.  Has it really com to this.  Have we fallen so far down the economic funnel that this is to be the norm?  ...more

All I Want To Do Is Blog!

All I want to do is write. Okay, not all. I want to play with my kids, love them, watch them grow, and I do… all the time. But selfishly, I want to write too; for writing, I blog. I’m new at blogging and the blogosphere. I am a constant student of what to do when, and what’s going on within social media itself; and I don’t have a lot of time. ...more

The key for me is schedule.  First, I have to stick to a schedule.  I wake up at 5am.  Take ...more

How Did You Find Your Voice?

Find you niche.  Find your voice. Both seem to be two of the most important things to do when it comes to writing or to blogging.  I don’t know that I am doing a good job at either, and I need help. ...more

I guess in a way I'm wanting it to be both.  I'm finding it difficult to be completely ...more

Take Care of Yourself

Back in "The Day" I would never show my toes unkept in public. No speckles of the last remaining toe nail polish allowed. This is a rule I have definitely broken! How did I get here? I had children. ...more

A Yellow Missile Victory

Blank stares. Concentrated smiles. Forced high pitched enthusiasm. That’s what we get when we excitedly talk to other parents, of traditional kids, about how happy we are that Alex has won the right to ride on a regular school bus. Now, it’s not anyone’s fault that they don’t get why this is so important, but at least they have an understanding that we see how important it is. ...more