Humanly Spiritual Beings, Unite!

Ok, so I'll admit that on a daily basis, I'm confused. Confused because every day I wake up with some question in my mind about what's real and what's not between the world we see, and the world we don't.These questions used to wear me out, but I've finally come to accept them as a pseudo-normal part of my life, like running out of cell phone minutes or waking up with tired feet. It is what it is....more

Love, Hate and the Velveteen Rabbit: Mia's Inspirational Quotes

 Love, Hate and the Velveteen RabbitIn the tiny village in Mexico where I live, violence recently threw a horrifying shadow over our community. The details aren't important, there's nothing that can be done to undo damage to the families who lost their loved ones.In addition to the sadness I feel for my neighbors, I'm left to evaluate and re-frame my beliefs about what it means to live here and how it feels to be faced with the ugly face of hate....more

The Four Steps of Happiness College - Mia's Inspirational Quotes

Seeking happiness vs. creating happiness - which path are you on? ...more

Ever feel so happy you could cry? Mia's Inspirational Quotes

Feeling Too Happy?Today is one of those days I feel so happy that I caught myself almost wanting to cry as that little thought crept into my mind: how long can this happiness last?But then I remembered my truth.Happiness doesn't mean that nothing goes wrong, that you don't experience heartbreak or loss, that you feel up and peppy and confident and prepared for everything in life all the time....more

Living in the Treehouse of My Childhood Dreams: Mia's Inspirational Quotes

 Remember Your Childhood Dreams? It’s easy to forget your childhood dreams as you become an adult, because your adult self doesn’t look at the world like the magical-thinking child you once were.I had a profound realization about that thought as I was laying in bed in “my room,” an office-and-guest-room in our modest second-story flat in the 16th-century village of Ajijic in Central Mexico....more

Are You a White Tiger or a Mere Moth? Mia's Inspirational Quotes

I came across a photo of a rare white tiger the other day and it made me think about how we categorize things we perceive as beautiful, unique, rare.I can't figure out how to load photos here on BlogHer, so I can't show you a photo. But it was very cool, as you can imagine.Something occurred to me as I stared at that tiger.It’s so easy to get stuck in comparison mode in life - a white tiger is more beautiful than a yellow tiger because there are fewer of them. A diamond is more valuable than a ruby, a butterfly is loved far more than a mere moth....more
 @victorias_view Thanks Victoria's View, I'll try these instructions<:}  more

Are you feeling like a human pinata?

Today's blog post includes a visualization exercise for those days you find yourself feeling like a human piñata. ...more

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Mia's Inspirational Quotes

I had lots of questions come back about the article I wrote a few posts back, about how your creativity is like a rainbow (Golden Key #13).  So, today I'm writing about it again - because the rainbow is such a great example of happiness.You wish for happiness in your life, but unless you establish the right conditions for it to exist, it won't appear....more

How to Imagine Your Way to Happiness: Mia's Inspirational Quotes

Your inspirational quote for today: "Your thoughts are like tiny stones you lay before you each day, and they are creating the mosaic that represents your life story. What story are you creating with your thoughts - and does that story represent the life you want to live? If not, change it today! You are a powerful creator."Here's an imagination exercise you can do to practice shifting your Thought Life from dwelling upon something negative in the past or future, to creating something positive in the present....more

Mia's Inspirational Quotes: The Powerful Triangle of Creativity, Imagination & Happiness

Imagination, Creativity and Happiness: What role does imagination play in the powerful secret relationship between your creativity and your happiness?Your imagination is pure thought that is illuminated with the spark of infinite possibility, just as an embryo is illuminated by that unique spark of life that differentiates it from the ordinary cells that surround it....more