My Non-Resolutions

I know most people are making New Year's Resolutions- setting weight loss goals, writing out a list of stuff to do this year. Usually I get sucked in by this tradition, but this year I refuse to feel guilty for subjecting myself to a list of failed to-dos. NO. NOT THIS YEAR. Here are some of my magnificent resolutions from January 7, 2002 when I was a senior in high school. ...more

Sorensen's Christmas 2008

As promised, here is an update on our Christmas Holiday in California with the Sumsions. Warning: tons of photos follow. I'm not kidding, there are a lot. No, seriously. ...more

Pleasantly Surprised

Convo with my mother via phone earlier this week: Mom: You know, Mic, you've really surprised me with your domesticity and your little creative ways. Because when you were growing up I really didn't think...I mean, I didn't see it coming. Me: What? really? what does that even mean? Mom: Well, you know, like the house stuff and the crafty stuff. Just didn't see it coming, that's all. For awhile there, you just... you know. Me: Ummm, I am so writing this down. ...more

The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post Today I spent eight hours at work trying to figure out how to extend the holiday from Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas. This seems like a perfectly logical solution to my Monday blues. We had a fantastical few days full of food and family and festivities. (Hows that for alliteration?) ...more

My Black Friday

I'm not sure why they call it Black Friday- I think it should be called GOLDEN FRIDAY OF PURE JOY. My alarm went off this morning at 4:00. I'm not a morning person, and thats kind of an understatement. I'm not even really an afternoon person either. When Jazz heard my alarm, he rolled over and very sleepily said, "HAHA. I'm going to stay nice and warm and take up all the bed now." And then promptly went back to sleep. ...more