Advice from mom of special needs child falls on deaf ears

Today while we were getting ready to go to a birthday party for an autistic child who plays on my son's special needs baseball team, I was reminded of something that has been particularly painful here and there over the years. And the thing is, I'm not sure if what I think is happening is actually happening, or if I'm being too sensitive. If I am being too sensitive, that would be a new thing for me....more

Homemade Tombstones...

We have never been into scary Halloween decor... we usually put out fall decorations and carve pumpkins. I carve eyes into little white pumpkins to make spooks and hide them under bushes and such. But this year I thought of something more Halloween-y that totally suits us!My neighbor cut them for us out of plywood we already had. I sprayed them with granite spraypaint, used a stencil for the letters and then sprayed them with a clear coat. They have already weathered one rainstorm....more

More English Beat

I can't believe it too me so long to sit down and write this, but last August, I got to sing on stage with the English Beat. I was in heaven!...more

Dave Wakeling Day

 In my house, June 5 is known as Dave Wakeling Day. This is because on June 5, 2009, I actually met and spent time with Dave Wakeling of The English Beat (and General Public), a man I've been a fan of for 25 years. I've loved his lyrics, his music and his voice.One song, "Ackee 123," held so much meaning for me that I put it on my license plate. (Click here to read why and see song lyrics.)...more

Wordless Wednesday: Apparently it was a long day at school...

Yes, he's asleep!...more

I wish mine would do that!more

What would you ask? What would you answer?

Yesterday, a blogger I like, ...more

How I Used a Dyson Hand Dryer to Become MomGuyver

One day last October in the Nashville Airport, I became MomGuyver. Yes, I had a little help from Mr. Dyson, but he was merely a cog in my machine....more

I knew those dryers were awesome! I wish they'd been around a few years ago when I had a ...more

Taking a look back

I took this photo of my boyfriend's (the one on the right; he played bass) band, Step One, in 1987 for a photo class. I'll never forget that the assignment was "The Thing Itself." So, I shot a band. I was really proud of myself for thinking outside the box. So, on show-and-tell day, everyone in class displayed their photos of various objects....more