Cowardice (Congress) cow·ard·ice

ˈkou(ə)rdəs/nounlack of bravery....more

A conversation with Anonymous

A monstrous crime allegedly took place in Steubenville, OH this August -- the rape and sodomization of a 16-year-old girl over the course of several hours by a group of local high school athletes known to their peers as "The Rape Crew." The story began making headlines in December, but most people didn't hear about it until New Year's day, when a hacktivist group designating itself part of Anonymous posted an in-depth, disturbing set of dossiers and documents that it dubbed the Steubenville files....more

In the aftermath of Sandy, the Brown Cross remains

As part of my work for a new company, Yiftee, I went to Hurricane Sandy to try and utilize our new technology to help those affected by the storm. I met with the amazing Katie Benner who is a grassroots organizer and creator of the blog "Sandy Sucks: She is a passionate and committed activist whose day job is working as a writer for Fortune Magazine. My husband turned me on to Katie after three weeks of frustrated phone calls, emails, false promises and no results. It was through Katie's graciousness that I got so much done in New York....more

Lyme - emerging disease or hidden epidemic?

Thomas Gray, the English poet once said, "Ignorance is truly bliss". "Bliss" is a wonderful form of denial if you are in the throes of disease, such as Lyme. The illness can be a painful and debilitating process, fraught with complicated treatments and medical ignorance. One can accept ignorance with an emerging disease, yet not from the organization that is responsible for setting guidelines for treatment such as the Infectious Diseases Society of America: ...more

The blanket of Death, falls over Zimbabwe

By Michealene Cristini Risley ...more

"The Democrats are calling, and I've misplaced my phone."

Senator Clinton's speech tonight was spectacular. She was powerful, gracious and Presidential. She connected with the throngs of people on the convention floor through her passionate speech and personal stories. At one point my eyes welled up with tears; for what she spoke and what we lost. My ten year old looked at me in panic, as I tried to explain why I was crying. I failed. One of the analysts from CNN said "it was a good night to be a Democrat." And it was... ...more

Beautifully spoken. I'm more than familiar with many of these same emotions. But I'm hoping ...more