How to Turn an Old Towel into a New Washcloth

The Old Towel New series is a little collection of crafty repurposing projects where old (and, possibly grubby) towels are fashioned into pretty, fresh, and useful things....more
This is such a great idea! I am just learning how to sew, and have a plethora of old towels to ...more

Pouf, Published.

Hi there.I thought I'd briefly share this newsy tidbit before spring arrives... Though, I must say, it's very cold and snowing here at this very moment, so no worries, right?...more

Quilted Heart Rug In The Snow

Hi there.How are you today? Well, I hope. I, myself, am feelin' pretty darn good ....more

Five Little Things

Five little things on my plate today:Thing 1: Making warm, delicious, nutty,...more

Love Project

Whispers of a small love project... The heart is paper-pieced and modified from one I found over at here at Piecemeal Quilts...more

A Crazed Little Quilt of Scraps

See this crazed little quilt of scraps I made for my daughter Dia for Christmas?I'm in love with it.Why? I don't know exactly...Maybe it's because of the improvised, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants way in which it came to be. Maybe it's because I felt totally immersed in it as I cobbled it together from my sweet scraps ....more

Six Weeks

Hi.It's me.How are you? I hope you are well.Six weeks have gone by since I last showed my face in these parts... Time melts away it seems.I'm writing today to let you know that we are good ....more

Dear Internet...

My stomach turns to think of you right now. Any object that ties me to you, I want to break into a million pieces and melt into oblivion. In solidarity with a child I know whose beauty and innocence your tentacles have tried to crush, I am stepping away.I have no idea when or if I'll be back.Michele ...more

Question: What do you do with a glaringly blank wall...

.... and an irrepressible urge to cover it? Answer: Take your foam trays collected over the last three and half years and a roll of masking tape ....more

This Still Life is Cheesy...

Nevertheless, I like it! One of my painting classmates and I had a brief conversation the other day. It went something like this: Me: "So where will you be hanging that one?" Painterina: "What do you mean "hanging"? ...more