An All-Year Appetizer

If I say cauliflower, what comes to mind?  I suppose the answer varies depending on your age.  If you are a child, quite possibly you are thinking, "Yuck!"  As an adult, you might think, "Mmmm! Delicious with a cheese sauce," or "How do I disguise this so I can serve it to my kids?" ...more

Simple for Summer

Hot, sticky weather is only a few weeks away where I live.  We have had a few days with temperatures in the 80s that remind us that summer should arrive soon.  After a winter of cold, ice and snow, it's easy to get used to drinking hot beverages and avoiding anything with ice.  However, we get our share of hot and humid days in the summer, so it's time to think about sipping beverages.  Although I enjoy creating outlandish creations with my martini shaker, sometimes it is nice to simply put an ingredient or two in a glass with ice and stir. ...more

Tapas Mondays

For many (most?) people, Monday is a drag.  The weekend has ended, and it is back to the world of work and responsibility.  While I may not be excited that the weekend has ended, I do look forward to Mondays. No, it's not because I have a really cool office or great colleagues.  As the Director of Content of a fledging online media company, I work from my home office, so there's no great cafe located here.  My colleagues are few and contacted typically by IM or email, so there are no weekend rehashes by the water cooler. ...more

Staying Tropical

Reviewing my recent posts for cocktails, I have a definite trend toward drinks with a tropical flavor.  Although fruity, slightly sweet, and light is my favorite way to have a drink, most of my recent drinks specifically have hints of coconut, pineapple, mango, or banana.  Having taken a honeymoon in Hawaii last fall, maybe on a subliminal level I have been trying to replicate the feel of the islands in New England. ...more


As an editor-in-chief, I have the pleasure of reading and editing the work of my writers.  One of the sites that I oversee is dedicated to parenting, a topic with which I have some experience, as the mom of four children. In the past year, I have published a few articles from two teenage writers.  Recently, a third teenage writer was added to our team, and I decided to make a semi-regular column for Your Parenting Info, Teenage Perspective. ...more

Sweet & Spicy Chutney

One of my friends likes a balance of salty and sweet.  As my eating tastes have changed over the past few years, I, too, have noticed that I seek more balance in food.  Although I used to enjoy completely sweet dishes, like an ice cream sundae, I now find it to be too much sweetness. Now when I create new dishes I try to find balance in the flavors.  Recently, I did that by combining fresh pineapple and mango with a jalapeno and rounding it out with some spices.    ...more

Cocktail from the Tropics

According to my calendar, spring has arrived.  According to my goosebumps and cold toes, winter seems to be lingering.  During the winter, I enjoyed an occasional cup of coffee in the evening.  A splash of skim milk and hazelnut liqueur made it the perfect warming, winter drink.  However, as our snow melted, my mind turned to thoughts of drinks that were more seasonable. ...more

Quick, Healthy Side Dish

I try to make healthy dinners most nights of the week.  For me, that means that there are vegetables as part of the meal, and the vegetables aren't deep-fried or covered in a cream sauce. However, making steamed or grilled veggies can become boring.  Recently, I began to feel that way about asparagus.  By adding two more vegetables when cooking the asparagus, I found my side dish was much more flavorfulalmost exciting! Besides being a healthy side dish, this asparagus creation was also quite simple to make.  From start to finish it took 15 minutes,  max. ...more

A Place for Parents to Connect

As a parent, it is good to have many resources.  If you are fortunate, you have your own parents, siblings, and friends with whom you can share good news, seek advice, and vent.  However, whether you have some, all, or none of these resources, you might want other options. Wasabi Media Group has created a new resource for parents- Your Parenting Info Forum.  This user friendly site has sparked some attention with members chiming in on topics, such as picky eaters, family vacations, and preschool.   ...more

Balancing Allowances and Chores

In our house there are certain chore expectations as a member of our family.  You need to bring your dirty laundry to the hamper or washer if you would like it to be cleaned.  When laundry is cleaned, you need to put it away.  When it's your turn, you need to unload the silverware from the dishwasher.   On garbage day, you need to empty your assigned trash can and help take out or bring in the garbage cans.  Luckily, all four of our children do these jobs willingly. ...more