6 Tips for Couples Planning Their First Getaway

For any budding couple, it’s a big deal when they go on their first vacation together. Yet, the overall experience can be like a litmus test. The results can bring them closer or push them far apart. In advising on how twosomes should approach a getaway together, leading travel bloggers share their insights on planning for the best and handling the worst. ...more

Dating While Unemployed: A Girl’s Guide for Still Getting Out There

Becoming unemployed makes you want to rank dating on the lower end of your priority list. Yet don’t fret. With the right approach, meeting and mingling with potential mates can still happen while you're job hunting. Here are tips from relationship/dating coaches for keeping both your search for work and love in stride. Image: Kevin Dooley via Flickr...more
I gave up dating years ago. No point in it.more

Advice for Un/Underemployed: Unique Techniques for Finding Work

Being laid off is scary, especially during a tight job market like our current one in the U.S. Like thousands of us still looking for full-time work – or even steady a part-time job – I can relate. Since my layoff about three years ago, I’ve been trying to “think of out the box” with my job search. I’ve been pursuing a number of methods, traditional and unconventional, to get a better foothold in returning to the workforce. Some techniques have been promising, and I’m still doing them. Others, well, have not produced the results I hoped. ...more
@KristinCusanelliTito Absolutely! I've registered with temp agencies, but as of this writing, ...more