Aloha, Hello and Goodbye

In Hawaiian language, as I understand it, Aloha can be both hello and goodbye. So this is my second Aloha post, finishing up my trip as I had to say goodbye to Kauai and return home. I attended the University of Hawaii for undergrad and feel a special connection to the islands ....more

Aloha from Kauai

I know what you're thinking, what?? Kauai?? It was a somewhat impromptu trip, coming together in just the past few weeks ....more

On the Road

Ok, I'm going to split this into two posts. First, a quick catch up since my last post, and then I'll do a Kauai post. Going back two weeks already!...I went on the big road ride I was planning with a fellow road-cycler ....more

Running, Eating and an MRI

So this past week has been, if I'm straight with myself, pretty good. I'm tempted to say it's been just okay, but I know better than that. Eating has been fair, but I'll start with what's really showing some improvement, which is exercise ....more

Holding Both

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how this maintenance journey is about holding seemingly opposing concepts. The first concept goes like this... It is not ok to overeat ....more

Salami, Surgery and a Social Life

Things were getting better with my back, until they weren't. I'd hoped to get out for a run or something this weekend but it didn't happen. I've been averaging twice a week for exercise, which you know isn't making me happy ....more

Oh My Back

My back flared up again. In the past I had a pretty good idea what caused it but this time I wasn't certain. In my last blog post I wrote about going on a 6 mile trail run/hike ....more

This is an Other

Some days are better than others. Today was an other. Funny thing though, the last few times I've had monster-bad days, I haven't wanted to eat ....more

San Francisco Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon 2015 Race Report

Wow! What a day. I can't wait to tell you about it ....more


Where should I start? How about the fact that scales are big liars! I went to my WW meeting on Tuesday and my weight had supposedly jumped up to 152 pounds ....more