What is the Authors Alliance?

Thanks to T.J. Stiles for offering this clarification on the Authors Alliance, a new organization founded by anti-copyright attorneys that falsely claims to represent the best interests of authors: I would like to pass along a warning about a new group that is trying hard to attract members, calling itself the Authors Alliance. The founders have admitted that they set it up to undermine the Authors Guild. As an Authors Guild board member you may consider me biased ....more

6 Reasons to Join the Authors Guild

If you make all or part of your income from writing, you should be a member of The Authors Guild, an organization that has been advocating on behalf of authors for more than a century. There are many benefits to joining the Guild, but here are six that make membership a winning proposition for authors at any point in their careers: Free legal services. This is a biggie ....more

Bay Area Literary Events for February 2014

I’ll be reading and signing Golden State at several bookstores in the Bay Area in February, 2014. I’d love to see you there! February 19 The Gallery Bookshop, Mendocino, 6:00 p.m. The Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino and Writers Of The Mendocino Coast co-host Michelle at...more

Join me at the Drew School

Please join me for an evening of conversation at the Drew School in San Francisco on Feb. 27 at 7:00 p.m. ...more

Crystal Springs – the new play by Kathy Rucker

This sounds really good: Crystal Springs, the new play by Kathy Rucker. Crystal Springs runs March 6 – March 23 at The Eureka Theatre in San Francisco. Read more and get tickets at crystalspringstheplay.com ....more

Bay Area Literary Events

I’ll be talking about my brand new novel, Golden State, at several locations in the Bay Area. All of the following events are free and open to the public. We have fun, I promise! ...more

Philip Seymour Hoffman dead at 45

Philip Semour Hoffman was found dead inside his New York City apartment today. The apparent cause, according to police, is a drug overdose. Hoffman was 46 years old ....more

Structuring a Novel – Where Stories Begin

Caroline Leavitt, bestselling author of the wonderful novels Pictures of You and Is This Tomorrow, among others, recently interviewed me about my new novel, GOLDEN STATE (Feb. 4). Here, we talk about structuring a novel–how much you know of the structure before you begin, and the challenges of writing a novel that takes place in a single day ....more

A Review of FLYING SHOES by Lisa Howorth

When Oxford, Mississippi resident Mary Byrd Thornton receives word from a Virginia detective that the thirty-year-old investigation into the assault and murder of her half-brother, Stevie, is being reopened, she must travel to her hometown to confront her family’s heartbreaking past. Her current life doesn’t stop for the investigation, however. As Mary Byrd is preparing for the arduous journey through a killer storm, the daughter of Mary Byrd’s housekeeper, Evagreen, is arrested for the murder of Angie’s abusive husband ....more

A Handful of Glorious Pages

Are you a novelist, a short story writer, or both? I’m currently reading Ann Patchett’s essay collection,...more