Prepping, Preggers, & Pushing

I was totally knocked up ( TKU).  To start out I read every book on this subject I knew absolutely nothing about. I was an only child of an only child with absolutely zilch babysitting experience and my mom was half way across the country. I read the "What to expect..." the "How not to give your kid childhood cancers by avoiding nitrates and microwaves books" followed by the "Make your kid smart by placing black white and red mobiles above the crib" articles....more
This post was hilarious!more

Food, School & I'm WHAT?

When I moved out of my house and into sin at the age of 18, I dropped 60 pounds without even thinking about it. We were young and fending for ourselves which meant 60-70 hour work weeks slinging pizza for the Noid. I was obviously getting more physical activity then my previous 16 years combined and it just worked. There was an almost wedding followed by an actual wedding ( stepped up a year due to financial aid law changes - thanks GHWB Sr.), and a couple of years at UConn....more

Go (Mid) West, Young Woman!

  My husband whisked me away to mid-state Illinois to the land of the Illiac ( prehistoric computer reference dating before Mr. Gore and his insemination of the Internet) and birth place of Netscape. The University of Illinois ( Urbana-Champaign) was good enough for the riskier Tom Cruise, so why not for a BFA in painting for me and a Masters of CS for D?...more

Allow me to introduce myself.....

I have been 44 for 48 days.My daughter turned 16 only 4 days ago.I started a new career 2 years ago this November.I have not met my weight loss goal of 85 pounds.It has taken me 575 days to lose 41 pounds.I have 26 daily Weight Watcher Points.I have been with the same man for 26 years, married for 20.My positivity quotient is currently 162. We are obsessed with numbers. Numbers rule my life. ...more