A Stay-at-Home Mom's Productivity FAILS!

Well, as an at-home mom (and aspiring author/illustrator) it is easy for me to get distracted and find my husband walking through the door ready for dinner and I have yet to get out of my PJs or clean...ANYTHING including myself! It's not that I am a big lazy bum, although I don't move that fast in the morning, it's just...well, I guess I have ADD. I don't know. I'm sure you can relate! My best days start with a list: ...more

Being THANKFUL-minded...

This is the time of year where our focus turns to all things thankful, unless you are a turkey, that is. “I am thankful for my health,” “I am thankful for my family,” “I am thankful for (fill in appropriate nicety here).” However, it is also the time of rising political tension, technology-addicted children, holiday shopping woes and those unwanted stress-induced pounds you have packed on since bathing suit season. ...more