a naked red velvet cake with crème fraîche frosting for a blog birthday

Every year when my blog's birthday rolls around, I tend to get a little pensive when I talk about its beginnings. A...more

portland, j'taime: a culinary guide

above: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (with its iconic sign making a cameo in a Taylor Swift video!) I’ve lived in Portland on-and-off for almost a decade. During that time, Portland, Oregon single-handedly started the bean-to-cup coffee revolution, popularized Northern Thai food, and brought food carts into the mainstream. Portland transformed from a sleepy, unsophisticated town with a handful of espresso machines to something else completely ....more

it's the (halloween) weekend, it's the (halloween) weekend!

above: a Nutella donut from New York City's Eataly To see more pictures of my adventures, follow me on Instagram! --- This Week's Menu (yeah, living the raw deal — three course meal!) STARTER Sticky Sriracha Honey Chicken Wings by Chef Alida of Simply Delicious MAIN Garlic White Pizza with Chanterelles and Arugula by Chef Brooke of Chocolate + Marrow DESSERT Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies by Chef Kathryn (who is getting HITCHED!) of London Bakes DRANKS Chocolate Root Beer Float by Chef Ashley of Sugar & Cloth --- LINKS … it was a graveyard smash, it caught on in a flash … The most popular Halloween candy, as sorted by state. Disappointed in Oregon’s choice of candy corn, tbh ....more

one bowl nutella brownie tart

Okay, okay, so I’m a little late to the party.What party?Billy, one of my blogger friends, the man and the myth behind the incredibly fun blog Wit & Vinegar, recently released Whip It Up!, his new cookbook. He invited a ton of us to bake from the book, but I came to the party late (‘cuz I’m a jerk like that).But it’s okay. I’m here now ....more

it's the weekend, it's the weekend!

above: a matcha latte from Chalait in the West Village For more pictures of my trip, follow me on Instagram! ...more

a naked hibiscus chocolate cake

When it comes to baking, I'm kind of a perfectionist. I keep all my ingredients in glass jars, using a professional label maker to tag them not only with their names, but also their conversions from cups to ounces. And when making layer cakes, I actually weigh each cake pan when dividing the batter to make sure that each layer is identical ....more

it's the weekend, it's the weekend!

above: i reached and surpassed 100k followers on instagram this week! woohoo! Hey friends!...more

polar opposite pound cakes (and a wolf countertop oven giveaway!)

All my life, I've always thought I was a person of medium luck. I can counter almost every extremely fortuitous moment I've ever had with a completely polar opposite moment, a Murphy's Law type situation in which everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. Everything's always an extreme that eventually gets balanced out in the end.My San Francisco apartment's a great example ....more

it's the weekend, it's the weekend!

above: growing my copper kitchenware collection!!! For more pictures of stuff in my kitchen, follow me on Instagram! So.. ....more

brown butter pumpkin rolls with a vanilla bean crème fraîche glaze

Guys. It's finally fall.There's a crisp, coolness in the air, and everybody's breaking out their wool sweaters and coats. The stores are lined with autumn produce like apples, pears, and of course, all things pumpkin ....more