Creating Balance In Food and Life

I've been doing a lot of thinking about balance lately. Balance in life, in food, at work, in relationships. It really is the key to everything. What sparked all this was two simple question I continue to get, especially lately: "Are you a vegan?" and "Are you gluten free?" The simple answer is, "No, I'm a vegetarian and have been for more than a decade, but I have a gluten intolerance." The complicated answer is, "well, kinda of." ...more
Thanks, gals! I wish everyone were as understand as you two :)more

Vegan Gluten-Free Irish Cream Whiskey Brownies

One holiday I'm usually bad at making recipes for is St. Patrick's Day, and I'm not sure why. I guess, despite my Mom being part Irish, we really never celebrated it growing up, so it wasn't on my radar until I got older. ...more

Vegan Gluten-Free "Shamrock Shake"

Every time I log into Facebook this time of year, I see at least one status having to do with McDonald's famous Shamrock Shake. Several years ago, and against my better judgement, I tried one. I quickly decided it was not for me. It got me thinking -- wouldn't it be great if there was a healthier version, available to drink on St. Patrick's Day? So after a little experimenting, I came up with a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, "adult" version that I personally really like because it's not too sweet. ...more

Never Forget: 9/11

This morning was the first time in three years I was commuting into Manhattan on 9/11. Last year it fell on a weekend and I was off. The year before I was in Denver at BlogPaws....more

Answering the Proverbial Political Question

 “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”It’s a simple question, which is why political strategists on any side like to use it in every election – whether a candidate is running for mayor or president. But, as I pondered it over the past two weeks during the conventions, I learned it’s not always a simple answer.Four years ago I was working as a news editor for a major cable television network in Manhattan. I was in the process of looking at houses in an upstate New York neighborhood where I had always wanted to live....more
Yes, I am better off than I was four years ago.  Mostly because of personal reasons having ...more

Running Into a Bear on Prospect Mountain in Lake George

When my Aunt Cynthia, who has been coming to the Adirondacks since she was a little girl, came to see my house for the first time, she joked about bears in my back yard coming to get her. I laughed it off, and told her there are no bears in Lake George. She tilted her head to the right, gave me a skeptical eye and said something to the effect of, “don’t be so sure.”...more
 @Michelle Maskaly In the mountains the bears are heavily populated so we always prepare for ...more

Oh, That Vicious Pit Bull!

Between Lennox in Belfast and Dre in Colorado, it seems like sad stories about pit bulls are everywhere. Both, make me so sad that it's hard to follow them closely, because it just so incredibly upsetting....more
Great story. Thank you.more

Lessons From BlogHer'12: Stand Out & Be Authentic

Two of the main messages I took away fromBlogHer’12 was you need to stand out and you need to be authentic when you’re writing your blog or website....more

Finding the Pet Lover of Your Dreams

For the single dog, or cat, owner dating can be rough. You worry, among other things: "Will they like my pet?" "Will my pet like them?" Is their apartment pet-friendly?"Slow down, says pet expert Charlotte Reed, who reminds singles that you need to take a step back and concentrate on what you are doing, or not doing, before freaking out about your pet....more

Food Makes Family at Old Forge Library

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to participate in a panel about cooking in the Adirondacks at the Old Forge Library....more