5 Things to Do to Every WordPress Installation

You’ve got WordPress installed, your theme is up, and everything looks gorgeous. Your website is ready to go, right? Well… almost. Here are five things you should make sure to implement in every WordPress installation you do....more

How to Secure Your WordPress Site From Hackers

Knowing how to secure your clients' websites is not only a good selling point for WordPress developers, but a necessity to ensure your own livelihood online. An estimated 20% of all websites in the world run on WordPress. While an impressive statistic in its own right, this also means that websites running WordPress make a tempting target for hackers....more

How to Brand Your WordPress Installation for a Client

As developers, we see the WordPress Dashboard screen and effortlessly click through the menus, because we are so familiar with it. But taking a step back, we see that the WordPress Dashboard is full of menus and news feeds. These can come in handy for a developer, but may be cluttered and confusing for a less-than-tech-savvy client....more

5 Things I Wish I Knew As A Homeschooling Newbie

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4 Tips for Productive Downtime

Most freelancers would agree that one of the greatest things about the freelancing lifestyle is the ability to take off as much time as you need to between projects. Or at least, that’s the going theory. The reality is that sometimes, that time off may not always be voluntary. Freelancing is almost always feast and famine — sometimes you’ve got way too much work and other times, you’ve got none at all. Or don’t you? ...more