I went on a vacation

I went on a vacation.I love a good road trip. It was awesome to see new places and meet some of the people that the people I care about care about. In this time I experienced more than a few moments of pure happiness – kayaking on Lake Michigan, geo caching in the forrest, The Best pie ever, a detour through The Great Smokey Mountains, and another through a small Georgia town with rocking chairs on every porch  - but one moment that nobody else knows about stands out and that is the one that I want to share....more

Breaking up ....with your job... is hard to do.

In a series of events that I can only assume I will one day in the (hopefully) not so distant future look back on as fate I lost both of my jobs within a series of a month. I received many assurances that it was not personal – schedule conflicts/ contracts/ moving in a different direction/ recreating positions..... I was wished well, offered stellar references, and thankfully allowed to continue working for a while....more

The New Year

The New Year is just around the corner.I always find that the end of the year sneaks up on me. I think that part of it might be because I live in a state that does not have proper seasons. I also have a theory that an old friend and I discussed about time relativity related to your age but that is another topic…....more

I shop on Black Friday.


I used to love Thanksgiving. I cooked my first Thanksgiving meal when I was twelve and from that year on I had some kind of large contribution to all Thanksgiving dinners that were to follow.Some years I had over 50 people in my home. I loved it! People would rave over my food and my home and my general Martha Stewartness. I believed it too, but in hindsight it was as sugarcoated as the yams (which I hate). ...more

Zzzzzzzz. Awake! Zzzzzzz.

 I don't (usually) sleep. Last night I woke up - which is quite odd for a person who does not sleep -for about 1/2 a second I thought I was somewhere else but I was not.  I was still at home in my bed with a cat on my feet and too many pillows around my head. It is strange how much you can feel in half a moment. What will the next moment bring? ~~~~~~~~~...more

Thing a day....

I am a sucker for thing a day posts & readings.Yes, I am the person who buys those reading a daily calendar books and actually reads them. I am the one who decides to do the picture a day challenge and really focuses on taking the perfect picture for that topic everyday. I am the one who looks forward to November so I can post the things that I am thankful for, without it seeming like I am bragging about having the perfect life - because most days I do not - but for that I am thankful too. (Think of how boring THAT would be!)...more

I am here, I am here....

I need a blog. I knew that this was true but a few weeks ago I woke and and KNEW that I needed to write and that I needed to write regularly. I can not tell you exactly what this will be about - or if anyone out there will really want to read it. I can tell you that it will be honest and it will include some of the things that I love (my family and friends, pictures, decorating, bargain shopping, cooking, knitting) and some of the things that I struggle with (parenting ups and downs, being a single Mom, finding balance in work and life and love)....more